Friday, 12 June 2009

They Made A Universe Smaller Than A Marble !

black hole amazing pictures
At Lancaster University, they’re unraveling the secrets of how to build a universe. In fact, they have already formed one, or something very much like it. This scientific breakthrough lies in the bottom of a chamber no larger than your pinky finger, filled with helium and cooled to 0.0003 degrees Fahrenheit above absolute zero.

By placing helium in a state which most closely resembles the form it held at the beginning of the universe, scientists have created an opportunity for the gas to go through several low-energy evolutions. These defects in space-time, are represented by tiny whirlpools in the helium, which are created by the rapid expansion, and equally rapid slowing of the expansion; something that it’s believed our own universe did at the big bang and in the moments thereafter.

Now this is all good and well, and I'm no expert on such matters, but I do know that the universe contains billions of galaxies and EVERY galaxy contains one or more black holes.

A black hole is not a thing to be messing around with.

If you or I were being pulled toward a black hole the gravitational pull from it is so strong it would draw us out until we were a string of single atoms. In fact, the gravitational power of a black hole is so strong, it will actually compact matter so tightly to the point where material with the same weight as the earth would sit nicely on a tea spoon.

So these scientists performing these experiments could conceivably create a black hole in a lab and what then ?

A black hole even as small as a marble could suck in a city the size of London, never mind Lancaster and compress it down to nothing.

I hope they know what they are doing !!!

The American Dream ........... made in China LMAO. How ironic !!

american dream made in china funny pictures

Stunning Photoshopped Eyes

I think these eyes are stunning.

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Four Worms

decided that
a visual demon-
stration would add
emphasis to his Sunday
sermon. Four worms were
placed into four separate jars.
The first worm was put into a
container of alcohol. The second
worm was put into a container of
cigarette smoke. The third worm
was put into a container of choc-
olate syrup. The fourth worm was
put into a container of good clean
soil. At the conclusion of the ser-
mon, the Minister reported the
following results: The first worm
in alcohol - Dead. The second
worm in cigarette smoke - Dead
Third worm in chocolate syrup
- Dead. Fourth worm in good
clean soil - Alive. So the
Minister asked the con-
gregation – What did
you learn from this

Maxine was sitting in the back,
quickly raised her hand and
said, ‘As long as you drink,
smoke and eat chocolate,
you won’t have worms!’

Rent A Guest In Japan

japanese women friends weddingsDo you need friends, relatives, or even your boss to come to your wedding but don’t have any?

If you’re in Japan, then you’re in luck: no need to make friends, just hire them!

Office Agents, a Tokyo-based company, rents out friends, work colleagues and even relatives to pad out the guest list.

For £127, one of the company’s agents will attend the wedding as a guest, while a heart-tugging speech will cost an extra £64 and a song or dance will set clients back a mere £32.

Brides or grooms who want to impress their prospective partners with their sheer volume of friends are among those secretly padding the guest list with fakes.

The recession has also boosted the popularity of the service. With unemployment rising and a growing number of Japanese in part time jobs, people rent fake bosses or colleagues.

Others turning to the company for fake work-related guests are those who have recently lost their jobs but want to maintain an air of respectability, according to Hiroshi Mizutani, who heads Office Agents.