Thursday, 14 May 2009

Crying Blood!

rashida khatoon crying blood miracleIn a weird and very unusual twist of medical fate, Rashida Khatoon, a young girl from northeast India cries tears of blood instead of water.

She and her unusual medical condition have been transformed into a holy shrine where worshipers come to watch in awe as blood drips from her eyelids several times a day.

Why oh why do people in India see something odd and then make it a shrine or some kind of holy intervention that will save the world etc etc.

Doctors in the region of Patna, northeast India, have no medical explanation as to the cause of this most unusual anomaly, but local Hindu holy men have declared Rashida a miracle. Followers bow in deference as they stand before her, showering her family with holy offerings.

Could Rashida be suffering from a case of a rare phenomenon known as Haemolacria? Little is known about this medical condition other than the fact that it occurs when a person produces tears, which are partially composed of blood. This can manifest as anything from red-tinged tears to those, which appear to be entirely blood.

Bleeding from the eyes is most certainly weird and creepy. It may be the result of a very rare medical condition, but whatever it is, it is not likely to be a gift of any sort from the holier powers that be. If you think about it, how could bleeding from the eyes be a gift except from a very creepy donor?

Name And Shame The Thieving Ministers: Shahid Malik

shahid malik mp expenses fiddle swindleOh look, another one !! Another MP entrusted with the running of the country who is stealing from those who voted him into power. Already we have Greg Barker helping himself to the taxpayers cash, then James Clappison was caught red handed dipping into the expenses pool, and now this little toe rag.

Justice Minister Shahid Malik claimed the maximum second homes allowance for three years while paying a peppercorn rent to a rogue landlord for his main home.

Leaked documents show that the Muslim MP has collected a total of £66,827 for his London town house since 2005-06.

This includes a claim for a £730 massage chair because of a back problem.

At the same time, he rents a three-bedroom house in his constituency of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, for just £100 a week, from a local businessman who was once fined for letting an 'uninhabitable' house.

Mr Malik rents a constituency office from the same landlord, Tahir Zaman, claimed against separate Parliamentary allowances.

His second-home claims include £2,600 for a home cinema system - which was halved by officials - and £65 for a court summons for not paying council tax, which he has agreed to repay.

Mr Malik is said to have bought a home in Peckham, South-East London, in 2001, for £85,000, four years before he became an MP.

After being elected to Parliament-in 2005, he nominated the property as his second home and began claiming the maximum amount available in expenses to kit it out.

The spending continued in 2007-08, with 24 claims for furniture, decorating and electrical goods, including a £671 fireplace, a leather sofa and a £510 fitted wardrobe.

Name And Shame The Thieving Ministers: James Clappison MP

james clappison mp expenses swindleI've mentioned Greg Barker, David Cameron's aide, who has been a naughty boy and has fiddled his expenses claims. Now we have a new member for the 'Fiddlers Club'.

A millionaire Tory MP who owns 24 homes claimed more than £100,000 in expenses even though he does not have a mortgage.

Taxpayers' cash was mainly used for gardening and redecoration.

James Clappison, a work and pensions spokesman, bought petunias, geraniums and busy lizzies with public funds for his £375,000 semi in St Albans.

The MP for Hertsmere rents out 22 properties in North Humberside where he also owns a farm, a cricket pitch and 75 acres of land inherited from his father.

Since 2001, Mr Clappison has claimed a total of £102,241 in second homes allowances, including claims for maintenance, groceries, utility bills, a cleaner and a TV licence.

He has claimed £3,166 for upkeep of his garden since 2004. Mr Clappison told the Daily Telegraph that all his claims were in order except for £38.50 for bedding plants which was immediately repaid.

'This was an honest mistake on my part,' he said.

Holland & Barrett & Gazza

paul gascoigne health food shop adverts holland and barrettPaul Gascoigne is the superstar new signing – for health food store Holland & Barrett.

Shop executives spotted the England legend, 41, sporting ripped abdominal muscles on last month’s Match of the Day.

And they are keen to help him stay fit and off the drugs and booze.

So Gazza, who works out up to six hours a day at Newcastle United’s gym, is now being sponsored with nutrition products, including his favourite strawberry protein powder.

He also chomps up to 50 chocolate and vanilla diet bars a week.

The British do seem to love this guy, that's for sure. I have read about him but I'm no expert on the exploits of his England career. Because he seems to be such an icon, I hope he does manage to stay 'clean' and build some kind of life for himself again. I think a health food chain such as Holland & Barrett taking a gamble by using him in their advertising still shows people have faith in him, let's hope he doesn't let them down.

Mercedes Benz - Made From White Gold

A Mercedes Benz Built entirely from white gold.

Registered in Abu Dhabi.

They should let me have a rip down the M4 in it.

mercedes benz white gold abu dhabi exotic carsmercedes benz white gold abu dhabi exotic carsmercedes benz white gold abu dhabi exotic cars

The Floating Rock In Al-Hassa

A huge rock in a village of Al-Hassa region,
SAUDI ARABIA raises 11 cms from the
ground level once in a year during the
month of April and stays elevated for
about 30 minutes!!!

They say that 17 years ago, one Mujahid
was shot dead behind this rock as he
was hidden there. This encounter
happened in the month of April 1989.

You can see the fresh blood stains on
the rock. Most surprisingly, when the
rock raises from the ground, these stains
become darker, fresher and wet. Local
residents tried to wipe off the stains
several times, but after some time it
appears again on the rock automatically...

Is this true, or just some madcap idea for publicity?

Have a look....

Amazing Rock in Saudi Arabia

Lotto Winner Feared For Her Job

euro millions lotto ticketEuro Million's biggest lottery winner didn't know she had won €126 million (US$170 million) because she was in bed with flu.

The lucky but ill woman was the only jackpot winner of Friday's Euro Millions drawing.

She failed to realize her numbers had come up until she dragged herself to work on Monday to save herself from being fired in recession-hit Spain.

I love stories like this. I feel so happy for her to win so much money. I hope she has the strength of character to not let it ruin her life as it can so easily do. I also hope she does a lot of good with it. Many, many people can be helped with such wealth without it even affecting the amount of cash she has at her disposal right now.