Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rhianna's Naked Pictures

rihannas naked pictures Nude photos of Rihanna, or what is supposedly Rihanna, are floating around the web.

RIHANNA'S NAKED PICS show various body parts, including two close ups of what is clearly Rihanna's face and a third photo of Rihanna head-to-knee reflected in a bathroom mirror with a message of "I love you" scrawled on it.

All seven shots seem to be self taken in the same white bathroom and bedroom area.

The four shots that do not include Rihanna's head in them include two of a bare bottom as seen reflected in a mirror, one of a dark lacquer-nailed hand squeezing a bottom and a photo of an undressed torso from a reflection in a mirror. One breast is pierced and pink Nike towel is flung over a shoulder hiding the other.

Rihanna has been in New York all week, starting with Monday's Vogue-sponsored Met gala, in her first public appearances since the Grammy-eve fracas with then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Late Friday her record label reportedly got involved and sent out a letter to a website that published the pics demanding that they be removed, calling the photos a violation of "the Artist's rights."

Why oh why do celebrities do things like this. I have sent pics to my boyfriend but if he posted them on the web it wouldn't be any big deal. But when you are as famous as Rhianna, you know it is going to end in tears if this kind of thing happens.

They Tried To Maker Her Sing In St Lucia But She Said "NO, NO, NO!"

amy winehouse comeback st lucia jazz festival amy winehouse comeback st lucia jazz festival amy winehouse comeback st lucia jazz festival

Amy Winehouse has made her latest laughable attempt at a comeback on stage in the St Lucia Jazz Festival and it was a shambolic attempt.

Having wobbled her way onto stage, she then attempted to sing. Members in the crowd later reported they could barely hear her and what they could hear was BAD.

She stumbled around for a while before finally falling over. She was helped to her feet and she then proceeded to remove her white high heel shoes.

Lucky for her torrential rain appeared and she walked off stage. No other acts walked off stage due to the rain and many people have said she was booed off.

amy winehouse comeback st lucia jazz festival amy winehouse comeback st lucia jazz festival amy winehouse comeback st lucia jazz festival

Twice she shouted ‘fuck you’ at the crowd during her performance.

This girl has a God given talent and look what she has done with it. I think it is shameful the way she behaves.

My advice to Amy is forget the singing career and the £millions she could have earned and go and sit under a motorway bridge somewhere with the winos and drunks she belongs with.

She is a disgrace. Who would want their children to hero worship her and the way she behaves, not me, that’s for sure.

The world once loved you Amy but now they say “NO, NO, NO!”

Zara Tells The Press To 'Naff 'Orf'

zara phillips badminton horse trials ardfield magic starHer notoriously short-fused mother famously told a group of press photographers to 'naff orf'. So it wasn't surprising to see Zara Phillips follow in Princess Anne's footsteps at yesterday's Badminton Horse Trials.

As usual, Zara's language was slightly fruitier, however, as she raged at the press pack following her: 'This is a competition, not a fucking social event!'

Her outburst came the day after a member of the paparazzi allegedly caused her horse, Ardfield Magic Star, to rear as she entered the dressage arena. Apparently Zara, 27, felt the camera shutter had been let off 'right in his ear'.

The incident certainly seemed to affect the horse who subsequently came 72nd out of 81 competitors so when Zara saw the official media snapping away as she walked the course yesterday, she couldn't resist going over and giving an ear-bashing.

You just gotta love this girl. She might be a Princess and 8th in line to the throne or whatever she is, but she doesn't allow that to get in the way. If she feels she has been hard done by, then she lets people know and I love her for that.

Leona Lewis - From Hackney To Hollywood

leona lewis new mansion hollywood hillsLeona Lewis has bought a new house. Interestingly it is situated just a couple of miles from Simon Cowell's mansion in the Hollywood Hills. But enough of all that.

Miss Lewis eventually settled on the five-bedroom home after being shown around a couple of months ago and she is currently renting it at a cost of £7,000 a month.

It has its own swimming pool and outside bar, while the inside of the property has been furnished with flat-screen televisions and a leather sofa.

The move comes as a surprise as Miss Lewis said at the end of last year that she could not bear to 'uproot' herself from Britain.

leona lewis oold flat in hackney The luxuriousness of the £1.5million property will certainly make a change from the £120,000 two-bedroom flat in Hackney she bought last year with her boyfriend, electrician Lou Al-Chamaa.

He will still live there, but Miss Lewis has told friends that she will be based in the U.S. while recording and promoting her new album.

I say good luck to Leona. She seems to be a lovely girl and very down to earth. I watched her win the X-Factor in 2006 and before, during and after every performance, some of which brought the house down, she was just this meek, mild mannered girl from London who everyone adored.

She isn't an arrogant, bad tempered 'diva' like a lot of female artists are these days and for me, she deserves every single penny her new found fame brings her. You go girl, we all love ya!

Another MP Stealing From UK Taxpayers

greg barker mp at the centre of the latest expenses scandalOne of David Cameron's most trusted allies was last night embroiled in the MPs' expenses scandal.

Greg Barker, Conservative climate change minister, made £320,000 in two years by exploiting his generous taxpayer-funded allowances.

The multi-millionaire, who made the money buying and selling a flat in one of London's most prestigious streets, is the first senior Tory to become caught up in the allowances scandal.

Mr Barker - worth a reputed £ 7.4million after selling his stake in an advertising firm - bought the property in Pimlico, Central London for £480,000 in November 2004. He then nominated this as his 'second home', rather than the flat he already owned in nearby Chelsea.

Under the controversial second homes allowance he was permitted to claim back nearly £16,000 from stamp duty as well as legal fees and removals.

He then claimed another £27,928 in mortgage interest payments over the next two years.

In December 2006, the MP for Bexhill and Battle, in Sussex, briefly designated the Chelsea house his second home --where he claimed another £3,492 for mortgage interest - after he left his wife Celeste following his affair with interior designer William Banks-Blaney.

He then moved the 'second home' designation back to the Pimlico flat. In a clear breach of the rules he failed to submit a mortgage statement for four years.

But the lax Commons regime in charge of checking expenses claims approved a payment of £5,360 because of the ' delicacy of the domestic situation'.

In February 2007, he sold the flat for £800,000 - a £320,000 profit.

Mr Barker's spokesman said last night: 'All claims made since 2001 have been entirely legitimate and within the rules and approved by the [Commons] Fees office. His main home, against which he has never claimed expenses, remains in the constituency.'

I want action from Cameron, he can make good here if he gets it right as Brown is sitting on his hands doing sweet nothing but whistling in the wind.

Cameron in my mind should immediately make all Tory MPs involved in serious cases apologise and repay excess monies, whether they like to or not.

To restore faith, serious cases will have to explain themselves, step down and be deselected. If he has the bravery to deal with these serious cases then I for one will applaud the Conservatives. But if they choose not to do anything about it Mr Cameron will take the biggest opportunity handed to him to become a statesman and throw it away.

We know what they have all been up to, on all sides, but I want someone running this country that knows how to take responsibility and not blame everyone else.

If Cameron made an apology to the nation as to the conduct of his party's MPs it will put such a gulf between him and Brown's Labour Party and will put him in good stead with the nation.

Bravery gives results but he has to take action now or he too will be severely affected by this non stop discovery of the fact that MPs are indeed thieves and con men themselves if given a small opportunity.