Sunday, 14 June 2009

Kevin Richardson, Master Animal Trainer Or Just Stark Raving Mad

Kevin Richardson says he relies on
instinct and patience to win the
animals' trust.

I say he needs his head testing.

kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer
kevin richardson animal trainer

Some Pretty Useless Global Information You May Like

amazing globe global information
Top Ten : Most Intelligent Breeds of Dogs :

1. Border Collie
2. Poodle
3. German Shepherd
4. Golden Retriever
5. Doberman Pinscher
6. Shetland Sheepdog
7. Labrador Retriever
8. Papillon
9. Rottweller
10. Australian Cattle Dog

Countries with the Most Number of Cows

1. India
2. Brazil
3. China
4. USA
5. Argentina
6. Sudan
7. Ethiopia
8. Mexico
9. Australia
10. Russia

Highest Ice Cream Consumers

1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. USA
4. Sweden
5. Canada
6. Ireland
7. Norvery
8. Finland
9. Denmark
10. Germnay

Coffee Drinking Nations

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. Belgium
5. Sweden
6. Austria
7. Switzerland
8. Germany
9. Netherlands
10. France

Chocolate Consumers

1. Switzerland
2. UK
3. Belgium
4. Germany
5. Ireland
6. Denmark
7. Norway
8. Austraia
9. Poland
10. USA

The most common causes of accidental death
(Deaths per year)

1. Motor vehicle crashes - 43,200
2. Falls - 14,900
3. Poisoning - 8,600
4. Drowning - 4,000
5. Fires and burns - 3,700
6. Suffocation - 3,300

Best Selling Cars

1. Ford F-Series
2. Chevrolet Silverdo
3. Toyota Camry
4. Dodge Ram
5. Honda Accord
6. Honda Civic
7. Ford Explorer
8. Nissan Altima
9. Dodge Caravan
10. GMC Sierra

Top Ten Expensive Restaurants

1. Aragawa, Tokio
2. Arpege, Paris
3. Elgensinn Farm, Toronto
4. Sketch - Lecure Room & Library, London
5. Petermann's Kunstastuben, Zurich
6. Tetsuya's Restaurant, Sydney
7. Vitrum, Berlin
8. Steirereck, Viena
9. Yamazato, Amsterdam
10. Zalacain, Madrid

Top Ten Popular Dream Cruises

1. The Caribbean
2. Alaska
3. South America
4. The Baltic Sea
5. Panama Canal
6. Hawaii
7. Mediterraneam
8. The Galapagos Islands
9. The Disney Experience
10. Tahiti, Australia, Asia & New Zealand

Top Ten Best Honeymoon Destinations

1. Paris, France
2. ROme, Italy
3. Venice, Italy
4. Bahamas
5. Florence, Italy
6. Sydney, Australia
7. London, England
8. Tahiti
9. French Riviera
10. Fiji

Top Ten Best European Cities to Visit

1. Rome
2. Florence
3. Istanbul
4. Prague
5. Venice
6. Paris
7. Barcelona
8. Salzburg
9. Vieena
10. Krakow

Top Ten Cleanest Countries

1. Finland
2. Norway
3. Canada
4. Sweden
5. Switzerland
6. New Zealand
7. Australia
8. Austria
9. Iceland
10. Denmark

The World's Largest Lakes

1. Caspian Sea
2. Michigan & Huron
3. Superior
4. Victoria
5. Aral Sea
6. Tangayika
7. Baikal
8. Great Bear
9. Malawi
10. Great Slave

The Longest Rivers in the World
(Length in Kilometres)

1. Nile - 6693
2. Amazon - 6436
3. Yangtze - 6378
4. Huang He - 5463
5. Ob=Irtysh - 5410
6. Amur - 4415
7. Lena - 4399
8. Congo - 4373
9. Mackenzie - 4241
10. Mekong - 4183

Deepest Oceans and Seas

1. Pacific Ocean
2. Indian Ocean
3. Atlantic Ocean
4. Caribian Sea
5. Sea of Japan
6. Gulf of Mexico
7. Mediteranian Sea
8. Bering Sea
9. South China Sea
10. Black Sea

The $1,000,000 Shoes

stuart weitzman designed shoes one million dollars

Stuart Weitzman designed these shoes and Oh My God, I'd love to have these.

The `Retro Rose’ shoe features two Kwiat diamond roses, fixed to 1940’s-style beige metallic T-strap high heels. More than 1,800 Kwiat diamonds weighing 100 carats were used to make the roses and 400 of them have been incorporated into the design of the shoe, which is worth over $1 million.

Too Prudish For Me

1922 measuring length of ladies swimming costumes

June 30, 1922.

Washington policeman Bill Norton measuring the distance between knee and suit at the Tidal Basin bathing beach after Col. Sherrell, Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds, issued an order that suits not be over six inches above the knee."

That would be no good for me. Some of my bikinis have less material than a handkerchief :-P

The Boy Genius

A year ago a footage emerged from a remote village in India. The video showed a young girl receiving surgery to separate her fingers, which were badly burned and fused together. Why did this operation make headlines around the world? The surgery was performed by a 7-year-old boy named Akrit Jaswal.

akrit jasal cleverest boy in india

Akrit JaswalNow 13 years old, Akrit has an IQ of 146 and is considered the smartest person his age in India - a country of more than a billion people. Before Akrit could even speak, his parents say they knew he was special.

'He learned very fast,' says Raksha, Akrit's mother. 'After learning the alphabet, we started to teach him joining of words, and he started writing as well. He was two.'

At an age when most children are learning their ABCs, Akrit was reading Shakespeare and assembling a library of medical textbooks. When he was 5 years old, he enrolled in school. One year later, Akrit was teaching English and math classes.

Akrit developed a passion for science and anatomy at an early age. Doctors at local hospitals took notice and started allowing him to observe surgeries when he was 6 years old. Inspired by what he saw, Akrit read everything he could on the topic. When an impoverished family heard about his amazing abilities, they asked if he would operate on their daughter for free. Her surgery was a success.

After the surgery, Akrit was hailed as a medical genius in India . Neighbors and strangers flocked to him for advice and treatment. At age 11, Akrit was admitted to Punjab University .. He's the youngest student ever to attend an Indian university. That same year, he was also invited to London 's famed Imperial College to exchange ideas with scientists on the cutting edge of medical research.

akrit jasal cleverest boy in india

Akrit JaswalAkrit says he has millions of medical ideas, but he's currently focused on developing a cure for cancer. 'I've developed a concept called oral gene therapy on the basis of my research and my theories,' he says. 'I'm quite dedicated towards working on this mechanism.'

Growing up, Akrit says he used to see cancer patients lying on the side of the road because they couldn't afford treatment or hospitals had no space for them. Now, he wants to use his intellect to ease their suffering. '[I've been] going to hospitals since the age of 6, so I have seen firsthand people suffering from pain,' he says. 'I get very sad, and so that's the main motive of my passion about medicine, my passion about cancer.'

Currently, Akrit is working toward a bachelor's degrees in zoology, botany and chemistry. Someday, he hopes to continue his studies at Harvard University.

Cristina Corduneanu Update

As many of you probably read about Cristina's fight for life I decided to add an update to the situation to let you all know what is happening.

My original post can be read here: Cristina Corduneanu Needs Help Right Now

I can tell you she needed 50,000 Euros before the hospital in Brugge, Belgium would even begin treating her. Back then the donations had only reached 32,000 Euros and 18,000 Euros needed to be raised in one week !!!

Well, it didn't make the total. It finished on 47,493.

But forget that because the Belgian hospital said they will proceed with the stem cell treatment as long as 40,000 Euros was lodged as a down payment.

This has been done and Cristina's treatment will be going ahead on 19th June.

Here is an email from Cristina herself:

From Cristina:
Thank you for all your support!

The director has approved my admission in the hospital with a payment in advance of 40.000 euros. I have to pay in advance 40.000 euros and the rest of the amount will be calculated based on the expenses during the hospitalization: the length of stay, the medication, the rehabilitation period.

The transplantation procedure will start on the 19th of June and it consists of:

19.06: total body iradiation;

22.06 - 27/28.06: intense chemotherapy session; Intense chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to kill my stem cells (cells that make blood and immune cells) and also the cancer cells.

29.06 - 01.07: my mother's stem cells will be transfused into my blood.

After all these I will stay in the hospital for minimum three weeks, in an izolated room, if luckily everything goes well;

Then for the following three months I will have to stay in Brugge for close supervision of the doctors;

The reason why the tranplant procedure starts only in 10 days time is because the doctor didn't know for sure if he would have the administration's approval by the 8th of June. And now they started the preparation for the transplant, to order the medication. The payment will be done before the 19th of June.

All the best! Miss you a lot!

So we must pray for Cristina.

Thankyou so much for all those that ReTweeted the message of cristina's plight on Twitter. And a huge thanks to those who gave some cash too.

For cristina, this has been an impossibly long road and it has only just begun for her really. Now she faces months and months of painful treatment that may or may not work.

All we can do is wait and say prayers for her.

How Times Have Changed !

God's Eye

gods eye helix nebula helix ngc7293
This is the Helix Nebula, also known as The Helix or NGC 7293. It is a large planetary nebula (PN) located in the constellation of Aquarius. Discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding, probably before 1824, this object is one of the closest to the Earth of all the bright planetary nebulae. The estimated distance is about 215 parsecs or 700 light-years.

A beam of light would take 2.5 years to travel across it !!

How freaky Is This ?

Try this.....

Stare at the black dot for 30 seconds....

And the two rectangles will disappear.

optical illusion amazing pictures

The Lamborghini Insecta - Damn Sexy Car

The Lamborghini Insecta

Now this is what I call a sexy car.

I'm trying to work out how many times I need to sell my body to get one of these.

Or maybe I'll stick with my lil Audi A4.

Click the thumbnails to see full size.

Size DOES Matter, Ask Mrs Obama

Condeleeza Rice needs to search harder if she thinks size DOES matter.

Michelle Obama however seems to have found the perfect man.

Britney Spears Pictures - Looking Much Fitter

I must say, Britney Spears is looking much better these days.

Shown here rehearsing on stage.

Click the thumbnails for full size.


Amazing 3-D Tattoos

I think some of these tattoos are incredible.

The 3-D effects on them make them come alive.

Click the thumbnails for full size.