Sunday, 10 May 2009

Julian Beever's Incredible Pavement Drawings

All these pictures below are drawn in chalk on the pavements (sidewalks) of Birmingham in the UK.

They are done by a guy called Julian Beever and he has made pavement drawings for over ten years. He has worked all over the world.

The pavement drawings have included both renderings of old masters plus a wealth of original inventive pieces of work.

julian beever pavement artist

julian beever pavement artist

julian beever pavement artist

julian beever pavement artist

julian beever pavement artist

julian beever pavement artist

julian beever pavement artist

We're All Doomed

In the current financial and economic climate, it is quite easy to think of ten things that will make the next 12 months a lot better. Things that will occur that we can look forward to and indeed wait in hope for.

But that was too easy, I could probably mention 100 things that will happen in the next year that will make our lives and our lifestyles much, much better.

But to be honest, these 100 things will come to nothing anyway. They will be nothing but short term comforters because in the long run, humanity has shot itself in the foot by living the way we do.

The dinosaurs roamed the earth for the best part of 500 million years, humanity will be lucky to survive for 10% of that. So who is more stupid?

Three things will finish us off:

1. Runaway climate change. The biggest question of the 21st century may be whether policies can catch up to the dangerous realities of a rapidly changing climate in time to avoid disaster. Will we come together to stabilize the climate? Or are we be the last generation to live on a planet that can support complex civilization?

2. Loose nukes. We are all in danger from loose nukes, the spread of nuclear materials around the world, and nuclear warfare between India and Pakistan or other nuclear-armed adversaries. Ridding the world of nuclear weapons may be the only way of avoiding a nuclear catastrophe; figures across the political spectrum support such proposals, including former Secretary of State George Shultz. Will we have the political will to rid ourselves of this danger?

3. Mad Max world. Disruption of life-as-usual could come from economic collapse, runaway climate change, war, peak oil, pandemics, or some unforeseen combination of these and other factors. What makes these prospects especially terrifying are potential human responses to them. We could see either societal breakdown—in which each person turns on others in a battle for dominance or survival—or fascism, in which people allow all-powerful leaders to run things out of fear of chaos.

So which will it be?

Are you hopeful or terrified by the coming year and by what we face in the coming decades?

What I keep coming back to is this: we humans have the free will to make choices that assure our collective survival, or to do otherwise. We do have the creativity, compassion, and intelligence to build on the best possibilities while averting the worst.

This historic moment will test everything we have built and everything our ancestors have passed down to us.

The answers are readily available, embedded in all the world’s spiritual traditions, in all the mothers and fathers who have sacrificed to make a good life for their children, and in all the peacemakers who have worked to build a better world for everyone.

Will we make the choices for a just and sustainable world?

We know, as Obama says, that, indeed, Yes! we can. But will we?

City Kids

the city kids foundationI was browsing the internet as you do and came across this site (left).

I think it is a great idea and might help solve a lot of the problems of inner city life that seems to cause a lot of trouble these days.

The people who actually set up and run these kind of operations never seem to get the recognition they I decided to incorporate them into my little part of the internet to try and raise their profile just a little bit more.

Maybe you can find time to pass the link around and get others to check them out.

Kate Winslett's New Cash Cow - Suing People

kate winslett role model for women sues the daily mailKate Winslet, a role model for women everywhere who don't fit into Hollywood's traditional ideal body, is so protective of her status that she's just mad enough to sue a publication that says she lied about her fitness habits and I say - you go girl, too many people put up with the drivel newspapers print about them. It's time someone as high profile as Kate got stuck in and makes them pay for their dross they print.

Kate is suing the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid, saying they libeled her in an article called, "Should Kate Winslet Win an Oscar for the World's Most Irritating Actress?" She's seeking around $225,000 in damages.

It's not the irritating part that has her up in arms, leaving her "distressed and embarrassed" and feeling that they had "injured her personal and professional reputation," however. She was particularly upset by what she regarded as the very unpleasant and nasty way in which the article was written," according to her April legal filing.

The Daily Mail questioned a quote she gave to Elle, where she said, "I don't go to the gym because I don't have time, but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home."

The Daily Mail writer, Liz Jones, claims she had succumbed to Hollywood pressure and slimmed down, saying she "has become, in my opinion, as drippy and as impossibly vain as the rest of them."

"She caught a nasty dose of Hollywooditis. It happens to the best of them, of course it does," wrote Jones. "It is the duplicitousness that enrages me and most other women I have spoken to."

Kate doesn't want the tabloid to reprint their claims, however, they are so far refusing the ban.

The Pervert And The Magician

Reportedly excited about the prospect of incorpo-rating some of David Copperfield's sleights of hand into his UK tour, Michael Jackson his been forced to give up on the idea of a collaboration on money grounds reports the Sun. Makes a change for him to be thrilled at anything besides having kids in his bed.

According to the report the star illusionist was demanding £1 million per show. “He was so excited about working with David but fell out with him over the money he wanted,” says a source.

“Michael told David he would be wasting his time with the London residency if he was splashing out so much on just one person. So he told him the deal was off.”

I think the whole tour should be put where it belongs, in the sewers.

Why on earth anyone is interested in seeing a washed up pervert like Wacko Jacko performing is beyond me. His wealth saved him from being convicted of molesting one kid when he paid him off with $17 million. That's as good as admitting your guilt.

I hope his shows are a complete failure and people see him for what he really is. A disgusting little pervert!

Arsenal Are Shit According To The Church

arsenal are shit church sign funny picture