Saturday, 4 July 2009

My Tribute To Micheal Jackson

micheal jackson dangerous history this is it bucharest 1992
There will never be another like him, ever! The word 'superstar' is tossed around a lot, but no one personified the term, lived and breathed it, and delivered like he did. To all the people who liked Michael Jackson when it wasn't cool to ... I feel for you.

I was never a big Micheal Jackson fan. I like his music of course, who didn't. My foot begins to tap as soon as I hear him sing and he just makes me wanna get up and dance. That's what his job was, and he was the best, no question about that.

I've been sickened to see some of the jokes doing the rounds about him, making fun of the fact he was a so called 'paedophile'.

I can tell you one thing. If I had a couple of children then I would have no hesitation in letting Micheal Jackson babysit for me. NO hesitation whatsoever!

Micheal Jackson was driven by the desires of his father when he was 5 or 6 years old, often receiving beatings if rehearsals went wrong or if his father decided he wasn't working hard enough. He was NEVER allowed to be a child, he was forced to be a superstar from that age. Jackson never had a childhood, not even a glimpse of it as he was made to pursue his fathers dreams.

He succeeded too, but as he got older the damage was already done.

How can a child possibly develop into an adult without the upbringing most kids have. They must begin with big brightly coloured plastic toys to enhance their senses. Then move on to puzzles, jigsaws and construction type toys or whatever. Along the way they move to computers and so on and so forth. They learn communication skills and, ultimately, how to be an adult.

Jackson was given a microphone and told to dance like a pet dog from his early childhood. That's all he ever did in the end, perform for us year after year as our desire to be entertained drained him so much, it eventually killed him.

Micheal Jacksons love for children was genuine. The ideas that sprouted forth from the pens and mouths of the media scum was the only perverse thing about that love he had.

Let me tell you a story.

In my country, Romania, we have 120,000 orphans for one reason or another. I don't wish to discuss why we have them, it's not relevant to this story. We have 1000s of state run orphanages which are absolutely disgusting and to be honest, I wouldn't use them to keep farm animals in.

The Romanian government like the big name stars and celebrities to come and look around the very few 'show orphanages' they have constructed. The celebrities arrive and Romania gets to show the world how beautiful the accomodation is for the children. But this is all a show. It gives Romania a pat on the back for the 'work' they have done, and the celebrity gets to look like someone who really does care.

Many celebrities have wondered through these orphanages, nodding and looking sad as and when required to milk the publicity to the maximum. Their visits usually last for no more than 20 minutes, enough time indeed for Romania's government to look good, and for the celebrity to appear as if they care. I say to all these celebrities, "stay away, fuck off somewhere else and gain your so called 'respect'".

Micheal Jackson turned up in Bucharest in 1992 on his Dangerous tour. He specifically asked to be shown around an orphahnage and the usual plans were made as to what he could see and who he could talk to.

But Micheal blew all those plans apart, his scheduled visit of 30 minutes lasted 4 hours and he was not keen to leave even then.

I found one video showing his visit, but it only shows a tiny part of what he did that day.

A little girl called Alice presented him with two scrap books full of drawings and pictures the children had made for him. Most celebrities would pass it on to an aide without looking at it and carry on with their whirlwind visit. Not Micheal though. He sat there and he looked at EVERY single picture the children made for him, at one point he turned over 2 pages at once, and rather than jus carry on, he made a point of going back to look at the ones he missed.

As he looked at the pictures, he interacted with the children and chatted and laughed with them. He was genuinely concerned about their welfare. That day he spoke to workers in the orphanage about financial problems they had there. He commanded his aides to ensure $100,000 was made available to the children.

He looked in EVERY room at the place, even where the garbage was stored, as well as the outhouses and the grounds. He also brought with him 50 copies of his album and each and every one of the children got a signed copy from him, as well as the staff. During the signing of the autographs the children were so happy to get this that Jackson was close to tears, he felt so humbeld by this appreciation from these beautiful little people that no one wants. He said he felt 'embarassed' as he fought back the tears.

I didn't see Micheal Jackson that day, but the whole country was buzzing because of his presence. EVERYONE was talking about this surreal megastar that really did exist in the West. It was as if the Lord God himself had turned up.

The help Micheal Jackson gave our orphans that day, way back in 1992 cannot be bought with money. The WHOLE worlds media was there and documented everything he did with those kids and billions of people saw the problem. It would probably take $1 billion dollars to buy the publicity he brought to us that day by giving up 4 hours of his time.

To those who make the jokes and who accuse him of these disgusting crimes against children I say this. Micheal Jackson cared. He cared so much for those children it was humbling to hear about it. He did love children with a passion and all for the right reasons. He was just being Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop who was never allowed to grow up himself.

He felt comfortable mixing with children. After all, most people were out to attack him or try and rip him off. Children liked him for who he was as a person, not because he is Micheal Jackson, King of Pop. Those kids in the orphanage probably didn't have a clue who he was to be honest. They loved him because he showed them some attention, which they never get. If you ever get the chance to visit an orphanage in Romania, which is doubtful, they wont let you near the places, but I can tell you there is one really weird thing that you will notice. There is no crying. There are 100s of kids there but none of them cry. They have given up crying because no one ever comes to comfort them, no one ever takes care of them, there just aren't the staff or the money to do so. Then along comes this guy with a funny hat and long hair and he does care, he does spend time with them and he does genuinely feel love for them.

Micheal Jackson was never a pervert. The media and certain perverse individuals tried to make him look like one because of greed. They wanted a slice of the Micheal Jackson 'cash cow'.

The court cases which were unproven against him wrecked his life and his career. He spiralled into depression moving from hotel to hotel as his empire collapsed around him. Eventually he had to sign up for a ridiculous 50 date tour at the O2 Arena in London which he was never going to able to complete. He was 50 years old with failing health for goodness sake. But he was forced financially to do this because of those false accusations against him. And he ultimnately paid the price for attempting this. It cost him his life. Those accusers in effect killed him off. Greed killed him off.

To Micheal Jackson I say thankyou so very very much from the bottom of my heart for what you did for our children that day. Not the money, that meant nothing really. I thank you for your time and your sincerity in your fears for the welfare of the children. What you did can not be bought and cannot be replicated ever again. You, Micheal Jackson, have a place in the heart of so many Romanians connected to these orphans, and you really made a difference and you also made so many children happy that day. Happiness in the grim life of an orphan is so rare, so thankyou for that too.

Micheal Jackson tried to Heal The World and on that day in Bucharest in 1992 he patched up a big hole in this planet of ours !!!