Saturday, 23 May 2009

Nine Funny Car Registration Plates From Virginia

Some of these are funny.

I do hope it doesn't represent the activities of the owners of these cars.

That would be just wrong.

Click the thumbs for full size

Stunning Guinness Advertising Posters

I must admit I am a huge fan of Guinness
adverts. They always seem to come up
with something unique or striking when
they advertise.

Some of their TV advertising campaigns
have indeed been memorable.

These posters here are some of the best
I have seen. They are not made by
Guinness but by a number of indep-
endant advertising companies in an
attempt to win the Guinness contract.

There are 32 of them so I have had to
use thumbnails.

Click these thumbs to see full size.

12 Ways Women Have Replaced Men With Technology

Now I must admit,
I did find this a tad

I have a feeling the
guys wont appreciate
it, but I'm sure the
girls will.

We love you guys,
but the time is fast
approaching when
we wont need you
any more.

Read all about it here

Nigerian Scammers

This is so funny I just had to post it here.

It's the conversation between one of those
scum bag scam artists that always annoy
us by email, and some guy in America by
the name of Zach.

He leads this Nigerian guy a merry dance
for sure.

Click here to read the Nigerian Scam conversation.

Dodgy Scousers

Stevie Me being nicked for stealing united's Trophy

liverpool funny pictures

The Scousers keyboard. Ay Ay Calm Down !

liverpool funny pictures

An AA Truck in Liverpool

liverpool funny pictures

Flight delayed at John Lennon Airport, Liverpool.

liverpool funny pictures

Even the dogs wear the perm in Liverpool.

liverpool funny pictures

Baywatch On The Mersey

liverpool funny pictures

The Most Amazing Images of 2008

Down below are just six of the most amazing photos from 2008. They are very striking images which make your mind work overtime as you see them. I often wonder how on earth anyone can be in the right place at the right time to capture such amazing pictures.

If you click any of these it will take you to the full size images and a gallery containing 36 more images, well worth seeing.