Tuesday, 5 May 2009


b company 1st battalion the riflesI know I am not British but I read with interest the story of the guys who came home from Afghanistan yesterday that are based about 12 miles from me in Chepstow. The BRAVE British soldiers who saw eight of their pals killed in Afghanistan received a heroes’ welcome as they arrived home yesterday.

I reserve a place in my heart for all soldiers who go over there from Britain. The job they are doing protects me, my sister and the rest of my family who live in Romania. They not only protect their own country, but the whole of Europe and I would like to say thanks to them here in my tiny patch on the internet.

The boys were greeted with tears and cheers after spending six months fighting the Taliban.

The 124 soldiers from B Company of 1st Battalion The Rifles were mobbed by hundreds of family members and friends at Beachley Barracks, near Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

But there was sadness, too, as they remembered the eight colleagues who did not make it back from Helmand Province.

Rifleman Stuart Nash, Cpl Richard Robinson, Cpl Daniel Nield, Lance Cpl Stephen Kingscott, Sergeant Chris Reed, Lance Cpl Paul Upton, Rifleman Jamie Gunn and Cpl Tom Gaden.

Big Brother

big brother logoBIG Brother, you know, the programme where loads of people sit in their houses watching a load of other people in a house, rivetting stuff. Apparently scouts are set to pick celeb lookalikes for the wackiest house ever.

It is thought bosses want their 15-strong cast to be younger and sexier. There are five people proving popular with the casting team.

These include a Kate Moss lookalike, a Lily Allen clone, a lad who is the spitting image of comic Jimmy Carr, a dead ringer for Prince Harry and a woman with a glass eye.

However, one is an unknown Welsh stripper.

A source said: “One of the team saw her in a lap dancing club. She’s a vile character who’ll sleep with any man... but she is game for a laugh, confident and a looker."

So there we go, doesn't that just make you want to tune in 24/7 for 10 weeks just to witness that.

Big Brother, what a load of shite.

Gordon Brown's Smile

gordon brown's smileHe has spent most of the weekend loyally backing Gordon Brown to the hilt, telling critics of the Prime Minister to 'stop complaining and start campaigning.'

But no one puts their foot in it quite like John Prescott.

Describing Mr Brown's widely derided recent YouTube appearance, Prescott undid all his good work by saying that the PM has 'the worst bloody smile in the world.'

I do wish Gordon Brown would just be himself and stop inserting these rather poorly rehearsed and false smiles into his repertoire. It is making him look an even bigger fool than he already is to be honest.

Now, brace yourselves for the video in which this traffic stopping smile comes from.

1 minute and 57 seconds in, is a must view. It floored me when I saw it.


carlyluvsunited smile

Britney And The Dancing Fan

That lunatic they call Britney Spears was visibly shocked when a fan ran on stage and wanted to dance with her. Quite right too, there a lot of mad people out there. The problem is, Britney is probably one of the maddest.

She has 2 kids, then divorces K-Fed and goes to court for custody of the children and managed to make a complete pig's arse of it. Women have 90% chances of gaining custody I would guess, and she even managed to nause it up with an advantage like that.

Then in another episode, she married some guy she had known since she was a kid. This was done on a whim in Vegas, then she awoke the next day in complete horror at what she'd done. They were divorced 2 days later. I hope the guy got his nuptuals bless him.

Then she got bored again and craved some more attention. So she started gulping down horse tranquilisers. I would have entered her for the Kentucky Derby too.

Next came a spate of climbing in and out of cars with no underwear on. Thus showing the world what she has between her legs. Such a tart.

Then there was a rather well rehearsed kiss with Madonna which shocked the world. I found it quite amusing myself that such a well planned episode would cause such a stir.

If you watch the video above, you can see the guy runs on stage, does a swift shuffle and is ushered off stage, rather timidly, and he leaves without any fuss or urgency from the security guys.

Yes folks, this was probably planned too, just so she could stop singing and prove she wasn't miming. Let's be honest, Britney does mime more than she sings.

The world is mad enough as it is. They should send Britney back to Hick-Town Alabama or wherever she is from, and save us from any more of this tedious lunatic.

Karen Matthews

karen matthews mother of shannon matthewsThe mother of Shannon Matthews has revealed what she misses most since being jailed for her daughter's kidnap, with sex at the top of the list.

In an interview from inside prison, where she is serving an eight year sentence for kidnap, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice, the mother-of-seven fails to mention Shannon or her six other children.

Instead, her focus appears to be on the home comforts she is having to live without during her incarceration for keeping Shannon prisoner for almost a month in a bid to make money.

Asked what she missed most, she told the Daily Mirror: 'Sex, shopping and drinking coffee with her neighbour.'

What a revolting creature this woman is and how must Shannon feel after all she went through?

The taxpayer has already spent £3.2 million on the search for Shannon and the trial of this thing that is classed as a mother. Now it is costing a further £1000 a week to keep her and that 'man' she was in cahoots with, in prison. A total of nearly £4 million because she tried to hatch this bizarre plot.

There are approximately 120,000 orphans in my home country of Romania and cash like that would make such a massive difference to them and their lives and futures. However, due to the existence of half baked, perverted idiots like this Matthews character, cash is poured down the drain in the pursuit for justice.

Lock her up in solitary, sling her some slops and leave the bitch there.


arsene wengerTonight the game between Manchester United and Arsenal is a massive affair. For a start, the difference financially between success and failure is about £20 million. But to the fans it's all about getting one over on a fellow Top Four team.

I've been giving Arsenal fans hell on my Twitter account (feel free to follow me) but at the end of the day, that is just a bit of fun.

I think Sir Alex has the upper hand though, so far. He has this ability to get the best from his players at just the right time. The media report him as being this ranting bullying thug but that doesn't sit well with the commitment and never say die attitude his players show when they are in impossible situations in games. Two goals down at HT to Spurs, only to rally and win 5-2 is a recent example.

I'm one of Arsene Wenger's biggest fans too believe it or not. As can be seen by the post on my blog I made, Is Arsene Wenger One Of The Best Managers Ever?

He is a master at finding young players without spending too much cash, and then developing them into super stars. In fact, 6 years ago, his team was playing some of the best football the world has ever seen. How they didn't win the Champions League back then is beyond me.

Arsenal are going to have to score three goals tonight, it's as simple as that in my opinion. Can Manchester United score, they always score! Well, it's a very rare occassion when they don't.

Can Arsenal score three though? It's not impossible of course. Liverpool scored four at Old Trafford and Hull scored three at Old Trafford. But it is rare.

To give United a one goal head start and then beat them is a big task indeed, but it can be done.

I predict a 1-1 draw myself, but I have been known to be wrong, not that us women are wrong on many occassions I might add.