Sunday, 3 May 2009

Joey Barton - Full Time Thug And Part Time Footballer

joey bartonAsshole Joey Barton will be fined £120,000 by furious Newcastle boss Alan Shearer after his latest shame on Merseyside.

Scouser Barton was sent-off on his first start in a Newcastle shirt since January after scything down Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso.

Barton was shown a straight red by ref Phil Dowd in the 3-0 defeat and will now be suspended for the next three games, effectively ruling him out of the Geordies’ increasingly desperate fight to beat the drop.

Newcastle boss Shearer was seething with Barton’s ridiculous challenge which ended with Alonso being carried off.

This half wit degenerate has been imprisoned for beating some poor guy senseless when he had been out on the town with a few friends. He has been red carded no end of times for wreckless, vicious, nasty tackles. Now here he is again, almost breaking Alonso's ankle in a challenge that could have threatened the Spaniards career.

Barton has no respect for ANY other players. He doesn't give a shit about Newcastle as he has now ruled himself out for three games while they are desperate to be at full strength in the relegation battle. But he will still pick up £70,000 per week, so he is laughing his ass off.

Newcastle should sack him. Then no one else should bother with him. Football should turn their backs on this freak and cast him out !!

Ricky Hatton

ricky hatton manny pacquiaoThere are only three Manchester City fans I'm keen on. Two of them are the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel. I do love their music. The third is Ricky Hatton.

The majority of multi millionaire sports personalities aren't worth giving the time of day to. But Ricky Hatton doesn't fall into that category. I watched an interview with him once, made by the BBC I believe. The guy interviewing Ricky kept asking him about the fame and the fortune, the high rollers he mixed with and the business circles his boxing wealth had afforded him to be able to mix in. Hatton just kept reverting back to the things he feels most love for, his family.

He spoke tirelessly and endlessly about his childen who he sees regularly even though he seperated from his girl. I could hear the love for those children in his voice and in his words, it was a magical thing to witness and it brought a few tears to my eyes to see such unconditional love from a man to his kids.

Ricky Hatton has enough money in the bank now to survive the rest of his life without worrying.

The knockout he suffered last night was a tremendous dent to his pride. More importantly, it was a hammer like blow that left him motionless on the canvas. I watched in shock and with tears in my eyes thinking the worst. Luckily they revived him and he was chatting in the dressing room shortly afterwards having had a brain scan.

Ricky Hatton has nothing to prove to anyone. He is, and always will be, a great champion and a role model for any father or indeed any man.

Let's hope we never see him in the ring again risking his life. Go home Ricky and continue to be the great dad you are, us mere mortals have more than enough memories to survive, so we all thank you for that x

Ghurkas Await Their Fate

The Ghurkas have served the following brigades:

2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)
6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles
7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles
10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles

* The Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (2001-present)
o Gurkha Army Service Corps (1958-1965)
o Gurkha Transport Regiment (1965-1992)
o Queen's Own Gurkha Transport Regiment (1992-2001)

* Queen's Gurkha Engineers (1977-present)
o Gurkha Engineer Training Squadron, Royal Engineers (1948-1951)
o 50th (Gurkha) Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers (1951-1955)
o Gurkha Engineers (1955-1977)

* Queen's Gurkha Signals (1977-present)
o Gurkha Signals (1948-1949)
o Gurkha Royal Signals (1949-1954)
o Gurkha Signals (1954-1977)

* Gurkha Provost Company, Royal Military Police (1949-1957)

* 17th Gurkha Divisional Provost Company, Royal Military Police (1957-1969)

* 2nd Gurkha Parachute Battalion (March-November 1945)

* 3rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion (March-November 1945)

* 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion (1941-1945)

* 154th Gurkha Parachute Battalion (1942-1945)

* Gurkha Independent Parachute Company, Parachute Regiment (ca.1960-1970)

These brave guys will learn this week if PM Gordon Brown will let them stay in Britain. Despite having won numerous VC's and countless other medals, they are now under scrutiny to see if they can stay, as Britain no longer needs them.

The Government has claimed it will “respect” the will of MPs, who voted in the House of Commons against its plans to bar the Nepalese veterans from living in the UK.

Now campaigners are determined to hold them to their word – at Tuesday’s crucial Home Affairs Select Committee hearing.

Immigration minister Phil Woolas will spell out plans for the heroes.

Many Gurkhas have been denied the right to stay here – despite risking their lives fighting for Britain.

Peter Carroll, of the Gurkha Justice Campaign, said: “My plea to Gordon Brown would be to listen to the people and feel his heart on this.”

Actress Joanna Lumley, 62, will speak up for the soldiers at the meeting.

I think it's a disgrace that this question should even be asked and trust the MPs will vote in a sane and humane manner !!

MPs, Thieves, One In The Same

home secretary jacqui smith expenses claims
It would appear a number of MP's are on suicde watch due to stress caused by the imminent disclosure of their expenses. What a shame, the poor things.

I do hope, when all is said and done, and they all get what is coming to them, they don't then decide to actually commit suicide. My biggest fear is that they will put in a claim for expenses to cover the cost of the rope, razor blade or medication they choose to do it with.

Should they all be exposed in public and then sacked? You're damn right they should. Shame on those stealing money from the public like this !!!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed £22,948 in 2007/08 in taxpayer-funded allowances for her second home, official figures showed today.

Ms Smith, whose claims are already under investigation by a sleaze watchdog, was battling fresh embarrassment today after it emerged that public money paid for two adult films watched by her husband.

Figures released by the House of Commons showed she was paid the sum in additional costs allowance (ACA), which is designed to cover the cost of working in both London and a constituency.

Ms Smith is being investigated because of complaints about her decision to designate her sister's house in south London, where she stays, as her “main” home, allowing her to claim back the costs of running her family house in her Redditch constituency.

Her overall expenses claim, including travel, office and staffing costs, was £157,631.

That sum included 25 journeys for her husband, Richard Timney, who is employed as her Parliamentary assistant, at a cost to the public purse of £2,531.

The figures released by the House of Commons authorities showed that Prime Minister Gordon Brown claimed £124,454 in expenses and allowances in 2007/08, while Conservative leader David Cameron claimed £148,829.

Euro Millions

euro millions record jackpot total
IT still could be EU! A – whopping £110million jackpot is now up for grabs after another lottery rollover.

Despite a huge clamour for tickets across Europe last week, no one claimed Friday’s – £89million – cash bonanza.

And the sixth rollover has sent ticket sales rocketing as Brits bid to scoop the world’s biggest ever jackpot.

The staggering sum dwarfs the –current British record held by Glasgow postal worker Angela Kelly, who landed – £35.4million in August 2007.

It also beats the £77million EuroMillions record jackpot won on a ticket bought by 45-year-old Dolores McNamara in – Limerick, Ireland, in July 2005.

The odds of striking gold – and becoming richer than mega-bucks celebs Wayne and Coleen Rooney and Katie Price combined – are 76,000,000-1.

But it hasn’t stopped punters flocking to local agents to snap up a £1.50 ticket.

Sales hit a peak of one million an hour in the run-up to Friday’s draw.

A spokesman said: “This could be our –biggest ever sales week.”

On Friday 16 players won £211,152.20 for matching five numbers and one lucky star.

I think it's a bit obscene having a jackpot of this size. Why on earth would anybody ever want that much money, above and beyond greed of course.

I'd make so many charities happy if I won it. I'd be rather happy myself to be honest. Butwhat would you do with such a huge amount of cash? Is it right that one person can scoop the lot?

Big Tits

sheyla hershey big tits big boobs world's biggest boobs
sheyla hershey big tits big boobs world's biggest boobs
Brazil-born Sheyla Hershey is the proud owner of the world’s largest breasts, measuring in at an outrageous 38KKK!

5′3″ Hershey who lives in Houston, Texas, was a back-aching 34 FFF after eight surgeries, but she had dreams of even bigger mammaries. Texas law restrained her from getting the surgery done in the US - the state limits the amount of silicone that a person put in their body before it will, oh I don’t know, KILL THEM. To solve that issue, Hershey flew back to her native Brazil where sill health laws don’t apply as much, and got the necessary enhancements to push her to 38KKK.

She is a beautiful girl. Has lovely eyes and a stunning smile. So why in the name of God has she done this to herself. I am intrigued to know how many guys looking at her are attracted by those monstrosities. *Shakes head in wonder*.


Danielle Llloyd has been in LA flaunting herself for her latest calendar, which will no doubt rake in a few quid for her. Good luck to her, but I wont say she deserves it.

It would appear that the British public has forgotten all about her racist remarks and bullying behaviour as she 'worked over' Shilpa Shetty, hand in hand with her co-conspirators Jade Goody and that character from S Club 7 whatever her name is..

I have suffered racism myself and let me tell you, it is not a nice experience. So I am a little pee'd off that everyone has forgotten her antics and the type of person she revealed herself to be.

Then again, having said that, once her tits are out, most other things are forgotten. How shallow.

So here's to many more years of well earned success for the racist they call DANIELLE LLOYD.

Maddie - Two Years On

madeleine maddie mccann two years on

THIS is how missing Madeleine McCann may look today – two years after she went missing.

The picture was created by experts used CSI-style forensic wizardry.

A growth spurt would have left Maddie, who vanished in a Portuguese holiday resort aged three, with less puppy fat and a wider mouth and nose – but with the same innocent eyes.

Forensic computer specialist Jovey Mae Hayes employed cutting-edge techniques used in FBI missing person cases.

Her Michigan-based company Age Progression spent hours studying pictures of Maddie and her parents.

Talking about Maddie’s resemblance to mum Kate, 41, Miss Hayes said: “That resemblance will almost certainly grow stronger as she gets older.

This case actually broke my heart. Why? Because it was thrown at us by the media and every detail exposed for us to foillow and slowly we all became a part of Maddie as if she were in our family.

The credit for this goes to her parents for raising the awareness of the case.

What now bothers me, two years after the event - why isn't such high profile exposure given to more children, just like it was for Maddie? The McCanns, God bless them, have shown us all how to do it. Surely it is time to make missing children a higher priority in the newspapers as opposed to following the likes of Jade Goody, who, to be quite frank, was an uneducated girl from Essex who had some kind of bizarre appeal to the public.

Why do newspapers fill their publications with rubbish, when that very same space could be used to do some good?

The world is an odd place at times.