Monday, 13 July 2009

Audi TT RS

audi tt rs

I'm a bit of an Audi fan, in fact I love them to death. I have an Audi A6, the 2.4 Quattro and I just love it so much. I know us prim and proper girlies aren't supposed to be keen on cars etc etc but hey, I am. Now Audi have brought out a beautiful new TT, the Audi TT RS.

It's ultra compact and weighs less than a Rizla. It's a 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbocharged engine developing 335bhp. Hold on to your hats!!

As with all German cars, it is electronically limited to 155mph. However, for an extra £1,300 they will remove this so you can go and blast it around the track on track days. Top speed is then 174mph.It will do 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds, which is not too far behind Ferrari figures!

At £43,000 though it is out of my reach, unless I get cracking at work and get a few pay rises. I'll have to butter my boss up for this though. Now, where did I put that micro skirt?

Joe Jackson And The Jackson Three

paris jackson micheal jackson prince micheal jackson blanket jackson three joe jackson

Joe Jackson, father of the late pop star Michael Jackson, is reportedly preparing to take his grandchildren on a world tour as The Jackson Three.

Mr Jackson, who managed the Jackson Five when Michael was a child, is said to have approached Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year old Prince Michael II - known as Blanket - to appear on stage next year. News of the tour comes after Mr Jackson told reporters that Paris had shown talent as a performer and that Blanket was a very good dancer.

However, the move has angered other members of the Jackson clan, who fear touring could expose the children to exploitation.

The children are currently the subjects of a custody battle.

Is there no end to this guys greed. He virtually beat Micheal Jackson to stardom, wrecking his childhood as he paraded his own five kids around the world. Now he wants to take the grandchildren and do the same with them. Unbelievable.

Micheal Jackson left his father out of his will. That says it all for me to be honest.

The BBC Robs The Public To Pay The Bonuses

bbc logo

Bonuses for the 10 most senior executives at the BBC have been suspended until further notice because of public anger over the size of their salaries.

The BBC Trust, the corporation's governing body, has imposed the ban amid clear signs that they will never be reinstated after some directors pocketed more than £100,000 in bonuses last year.

Sir Michael Lyons, the chairman of the Trust, writing in today's Daily Telegraph also warned that some salaries "appear too high" in the economic downturn.

While he did not name anyone it's thought he was directing his criticism at the deals struck with artistes such as Jonathan Ross who is on a three year £18 million contract.

The decision on directors' bonuses came after the disclosure that the BBC's 50 highest-paid staff earned as much as £13.6 million last year with 27 paid more than the Prime Minister.

It is Joe Public who pays for all of this. Little wonder the licence fee must be increased year in year out with these bonuses being paid out. I believe it compromises the quality content that is lacking in the BBCs production too. £13 million is a lot of cash to hand out for 'non-performance' bonuses.

Still, not to worry, we have Bargain Hunt to look forward to.