Saturday, 30 May 2009

The BRAVEST Little Girl In The World

This is the bravest little girl in the world in my eyes.

Only ten years old and performing live in front of 18 million people, she started well but broke down in tears halfway through her performance. I had floods of tears running down my face watching this God love her.

She begged to be given another chance, her mother ran to the stage to comfort her and begged the judges to give her another chance.

Time was up for her though, the producers said they had no spare time. That was until BGT boss Simon Cowell declared "Hollie, somehow we will find time for you".

Here is her first performance, get the tissues ready.

Hollie left the stage and was allowed back. How she found the courage to do this was beyond me. The whole of Britain held it's breath for 3 minutes and Hollie absolutely nailed it big time.

What an awesome little girl.


  1. How can she be brave if she cried.

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