Saturday, 23 May 2009

Drogba Facing A One Season Ban From Champions League

dider drogba furyThat dreadful thing they call Didier drogba could miss the whole of the Champions League next season after his disgraceful behaviour toward referee Tom Henning Ovrebo at the end of Chelsea's demise from the Champions League against Barcelona. The minimum he can expect is a six match ban.

The Chelsea striker was last night charged with making “insulting” and “offensive” comments to Ovrebo.

Ovrebo rejected four clear penalty claims and a raging Drogba called him “a fucking disgrace” in front of millions of shocked TV viewers. Now UEFA are set to throw the book at the Ivory Coast idiot when their Control and Disciplinary body meet to decide punishment in Switzerland on June 18.

European football’s governing body are believed to want to make an example of the 31-year-old, and quite right too. At the end of the day, the referee's decision is final so why carry on like a demented halfwit AFTER the game? It cannot and will not change anything.

When a ref makes a decision, you have to accept it. I love Manchester United and they have been denied the Quintuple they were going for because of a clear cut penalty decision that they missed out on in the FA Cup semi final against Everton but you don't hear me or anyone else making a big song and dance about it. What's done is done.

Grow up Drogba, in fact do us all a favour and piss off into Europe to play. We've all had enough of your weird offensive behaviour.

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