Saturday, 16 May 2009

Let's Fill The Jails......With MPs

jailOh dear me. It seems the list of thieving MPs just gets longer and longer by the day. I guess they just ride Gung Ho right over any rules, regulations or moral obligations they have to the taxpayers and look after themselves.

I sent 10 Tweets to the UK Labour Twitter site last night enquiring as to when justice will be seen. Several MPs have admitted openly they were in the wrong. This means they obtained cash by deception, which is a chargeable offence under the Fraud Act, 2006 as well as being a chargeable offence under the Theft Act, 1968.

They admit their guilt to the crime, and yet they are still at large, just how does that work then?

David Chaytor admits claiming almost £13,000 in interest payments for a mortgage that he had already repaid

Sir Gerald Kaufman charged the taxpayer £1,851 for a rug he imported from a New York antiques centre and tried to claim £8,865 for a television

Tam Dalyell attempted to claim £18,000 for bookcases two months before he retired as an MP

Anthony Steen claimed £87,000 on country mansion with 500 trees

Derek Wyatt billed 75p for scotch eggs

Richard Younger-Ross spent £1,235 on four mirrors and bought 'Don Juan’ bookcase

Crispin Blunt told to stop claiming Commons allowance on his home because his children live there

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown “flipped” his second home designation from London to his Gloucestershire home, before buying a £2,750,000 house.