Monday, 18 May 2009

Mum-To-Be Mowed Down By BMW Coupe Driver

bmw z4 coupeA MUM-TO-BE and her unborn child died when a BMW mowed her down on a pavement.

Horrified medics rushed Anne Marie McCreadie to hospital where doctors battled in vain to save their lives.

Last night, the BMW driver was being held on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

He was arrested on the spot after his coupé mounted the pavement in Penrith, Cumbria, where 29-year-old Anne Marie was walking with her husband and a pal.

The husband was being comforted by relatives last night.

I'm going to watch this case in the future and see what happens here. This 'person' who was driving the car might have a valid excuse for what happened, maybe he/she has a medical condition and something went wrong etc etc.

Maybe the driver was..........

Let's not speculate.

What I am keen to see is a fair sentence given out for the crime committed on Britain's roads. All too often we see drivers killing pedestrians and then being given sentences like 1 year or 18 months in jail for the taking of a life.

I know it can't possibly be classed as murder, that is just ridiculous, but when a driver is at fault and that fault could have been addressed then they are negligent to the point of committing manslaughter through being wreckless.

People driving with no insurance or under the influence of drugs or drink infuriate me the most. Obviously I'm not inferring this particular driver is guilty of that, but when people are found to over the limits, they walk away with a fine and a slapped wrist.

If someone causes a death by driving in a manner which helped to cause the death, then they should be looking at 7-10 years in prison.

This will act as a wake up call to everyone, myself included, that we need to be much more careful than we already are.

A car is just one big metallic killing machine if we don't respect it and look after it !!

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