Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Pervert And The Magician

Reportedly excited about the prospect of incorpo-rating some of David Copperfield's sleights of hand into his UK tour, Michael Jackson his been forced to give up on the idea of a collaboration on money grounds reports the Sun. Makes a change for him to be thrilled at anything besides having kids in his bed.

According to the report the star illusionist was demanding £1 million per show. “He was so excited about working with David but fell out with him over the money he wanted,” says a source.

“Michael told David he would be wasting his time with the London residency if he was splashing out so much on just one person. So he told him the deal was off.”

I think the whole tour should be put where it belongs, in the sewers.

Why on earth anyone is interested in seeing a washed up pervert like Wacko Jacko performing is beyond me. His wealth saved him from being convicted of molesting one kid when he paid him off with $17 million. That's as good as admitting your guilt.

I hope his shows are a complete failure and people see him for what he really is. A disgusting little pervert!

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