Friday, 8 May 2009

Tom Henning Ovrebo

tom henning ovrebo norse manureThe blunder ref, Tom Henning Ovrebo, who sent Chelsea crashing out of Europe was under armed police guard last night “terrified” after receiving death threats.

Norwegian Tom Henning Ovrebo – dubbed “Norse Manure” by fuming Blues fans – was smuggled out of the UK yesterday and told to “lie low”.

A Facebook site was set up with the title “Kill Tom Henning Ovrebo”.

Its creator said they were “dedicated to the hunt for and brutal murdering of” the referee. Another fan wrote: “I hope someone shoots him dead.”

Are these Chelsea fans for real?

Jesus Christ, killing the ref will solve nothing, what's done is done, and the final is between Manchester United and Barcelona. Simple as that.

Manchester United player Darren Fletcher has waited a lifetime to play in a Champions League Final and it was cruelly snatched away from him by a massive refereeing blunder. We, as United fans, have no intentions of hunting down the referee and killing him.

For fuck's sake, let's keep it real here. This is a typical Chelsea reaction to anything that doesn't suit them. They had a wonderful example of how to behave from that half wit Drogba, aided by Micheal Ballack.

Who, exactly, do Chelsea and their fans think they are?

Yes, they have plenty of money at their disposal and they have won 2 poxy Premier League titles, but that doesn't make you special, or better than anyone else assholes.

Shut the fuck up, take it on the chin and get on with your FA Cup Final because Jesus, we're all laughing at your sad little antics !!

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  1. Well spoken! After yesterdays fantastic Chel$ki jokes I find this on my FB today - new angle :)

    A father asked his son if he wanted a Barcelona jersey for his birthday.
    "Which one?" replied his son "The home shirt, the away shirt, or the ref's shirt??"

    Looking forward to the best Champions final ever, top of the tops, and where there's no place, and has never been, for the Blue Shirts.

    See you guys in Rome!!

    Visca Barca i Visca Catalonya ;)