Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cristina Corduneanu Update

As many of you probably read about Cristina's fight for life I decided to add an update to the situation to let you all know what is happening.

My original post can be read here: Cristina Corduneanu Needs Help Right Now

I can tell you she needed 50,000 Euros before the hospital in Brugge, Belgium would even begin treating her. Back then the donations had only reached 32,000 Euros and 18,000 Euros needed to be raised in one week !!!

Well, it didn't make the total. It finished on 47,493.

But forget that because the Belgian hospital said they will proceed with the stem cell treatment as long as 40,000 Euros was lodged as a down payment.

This has been done and Cristina's treatment will be going ahead on 19th June.

Here is an email from Cristina herself:

From Cristina:
Thank you for all your support!

The director has approved my admission in the hospital with a payment in advance of 40.000 euros. I have to pay in advance 40.000 euros and the rest of the amount will be calculated based on the expenses during the hospitalization: the length of stay, the medication, the rehabilitation period.

The transplantation procedure will start on the 19th of June and it consists of:

19.06: total body iradiation;

22.06 - 27/28.06: intense chemotherapy session; Intense chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used to kill my stem cells (cells that make blood and immune cells) and also the cancer cells.

29.06 - 01.07: my mother's stem cells will be transfused into my blood.

After all these I will stay in the hospital for minimum three weeks, in an izolated room, if luckily everything goes well;

Then for the following three months I will have to stay in Brugge for close supervision of the doctors;

The reason why the tranplant procedure starts only in 10 days time is because the doctor didn't know for sure if he would have the administration's approval by the 8th of June. And now they started the preparation for the transplant, to order the medication. The payment will be done before the 19th of June.

All the best! Miss you a lot!

So we must pray for Cristina.

Thankyou so much for all those that ReTweeted the message of cristina's plight on Twitter. And a huge thanks to those who gave some cash too.

For cristina, this has been an impossibly long road and it has only just begun for her really. Now she faces months and months of painful treatment that may or may not work.

All we can do is wait and say prayers for her.

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