Saturday, 6 June 2009

Help Feed Starving Children For Free - All It Takes Is Some Time From You

Imagine if your sister, brother, son, daughter, mother or father died from starvation.

....It's happening 24,000 times a day or 6.5 million children dying every year!

....Imagine helping them for free!

18,000 or so CHILDREN DIED TODAY (and every day) of STARVATION or MALNUTRITION and, 850,000,000 or so people who will go to bed tonight with EMPTY STOMACHS.

Fact: 6.5 million children die every year from hunger.
Fact: 75 cents/50 pence (3 meals) a day can save a child's life.
Fact: Internet Advertising Revenue can help.

Complacency with the downside of human existence can no longer be the way, as has been in the past.


Every year, over $30 billion is made from the Internet because people Clicked!

$1 billion of this, in our lifetime, will go to Charity (WFP) through Free Click Donation Sites!

Click these links below. A lot of them donate food for free to starving children. They can do this by taking the advertising revenue from all the visitors like you and I, and spending it on feeding these children.

Some of the sites have games, interesting stuff to read etc etc. You will benefit, but most of all, the children can go to bed without starvation pains, maybe just for one day, maybe more if you take time to go there daily.

I can recommend the 'Free Rice' site. They provide you with a game where words are displayed with four possible meanings to them. You must choose what you think the word means, the more you get right, the more rice they donate to the children. I played this game for hours and hours while I was learning English. It helped me gain a vocabulary in English that most English people would be proud of but more importantly, it fed 100s of children.

Please visit these sites, spend a few minutes there every day and let some children know what a good meal tastes like.

Oh, and links back to this particular page on my blog would be so much appreciated. The more people we can get clicking, the more children get to eat.

Thankyou xx - Free Food - Free Rice - Free Bread - Lots of free water! - Free water - Just Click! - Just Click! - Click the green button! - Just Click! - Click the blue button! - Click the white button! - Click the green box! - Click the yellow box! - Click the Bread button! - Click the blue box! - Just visit the site! - Click on the small red ball. - Just click!: - Click the blue box! - Click the blue button! - Click the red button! - Submit a word - German Rice Game!

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