Thursday, 25 June 2009

Some Amazing Places To Take A Dump

  • 1. The Hundertwasser Bathrooms in Kawakawa, New Zealand

  • 5. Bar 89, Soho, New York City

The picture doesn’t look like much, but the premise here is that anyone can see right into the bathrooms until someone goes in and locks the door, which then magically turns opaque. A little gimmicky, perhaps, but who’s above gimmicks these days anyway?

  • 7. Victorian Toilets in Scotland, UK

  • 8. 3D Gold Store in Hong Kong

  • 10. Outhouses in Central West Antarctica

  • Strangely absent: The basement bathrooms at The New Museum in New York City

  • Strangely absent: New York City’s new public bathroom booths

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  1. Crazy Bear, Whitfield Street, London