Thursday, 23 July 2009

To All Those Who Read Cristina Corduneanu's Story, Great News

To those of you who remember the story of Cristina Corduneanu that I wrote about on here - read Cristina's Story Here - I have some great, great news about her progress.

On June 19th the bone marrow was removed from Cristina's body and a few stem cells transplanted from her mother into Cristina. All anyone could do then was wait, and hope, and pray.

Well today great news has come from Belgium, where Cristina was taken for these treatments as Romania does not have the facilities to carry out such an operation, the transplant seems to be a success and Cristina is doing very well. I have tears of joy pouring from eyes since I heard the news.

I have seen some pictures of her looking so happy and smiling and laughing. I can't post them here as I have been asked not to.

To every one of you guys reading this who posted Cristina's Website link around the internet, to those who Re-Tweeted all my messages on Twitter and especially to those who gave their cash to make this possible for Cristina, I can't thank you enough. Every one of you is directly involved in hopefully saving Cristina's life if all goes according to plan.

As I have said before, we can ill afford to lose someone like cristina who gives of their time so willingly and who has such a deep love for the underpriviliged children in the Transylvania area of Romania.

I'm sure in the not too distant future she will get to see her beloved little babies and will be back to where she belongs, doing what she is best at, helping others !!

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