Thursday, 7 May 2009

Arsenal Suicide

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An Arsenal fan has hanged himself after his team lost 3-1 to Manchester United in the Champions League Semi Final on Tuesday night.

Suleiman Alphonso Omondi, a 29-year-old Kenyan from Nairobi was found dead at his home just hours after his heroes slumped out of the coveted competition.

It was confirmed by the police that football-mad Mr Omondi was wearing his Arsenal shirt when he took his own life.

Mr Omondi's friend Calvin Otieno said: "We were watching the match at Bamba 70 pub, and when Arsenal were defeated, Suleiman just walked out in protest and he was crying."

It appears that football related tragedies are frequent in Kenya, where English clubs enjoy a passionate following among the locals.

European games, in particular the UEFA Champions League, attract more attention than national and continental fixtures.

For many Arsenal fans, the tie was a chance to salvage a disappointing season.

It has been four years since the Gunners won a domestic or European trophy.

Arsenal's chances of reaching their second European final in four years effectively came to an end after just ten minutes.

Cristiano Ronaldo's 11th minute strike meant the Gunners needed to score four goals.

To take your own life because your team gets dumped out of the Champions League is a bit over the top I think. Sure, it is not a nice feeling, but surely life itself is more important than this.

It makes me wonder how bad this guys life was overall if a game of football meant that much to him.


  1. Gosh. Maybe he was deep in with the sharks? We will never know.

  2. I think more so that it was the combination of both the Arsenal Loss and the fact that we now have that Cocksucker Obmama in the White House.

    Either item by themselves wouldn't have been enough - but combined - well I don't support his descision - but I understand it.

  3. Carley - How many fucking blogs do you have?