Wednesday, 6 May 2009

RBS Have No Shame

gordon pell chief executive of rbs who got a huge pension and a nice pay offHere we have Gordon Pell. The last of the greedy, half baked fuck wits who ran the Royal Bank of Scotland. He is set to leave the 'team' with a £517,000-a-year pension.

Deputy chief executive Gordon Pell, who earned £908,000 last year, will retire from the part-nationalised bank early next year with a pension pot of £9.8million.

Following the announcement of finance director Guy Whittaker's departure yesterday, Mr Pell, 59, is the last survivor from the board which oversaw the bank's ill-fated expansion - including the acquisition of ABN Amro in 2007.

Mr Whittaker received a year's salary and benefits, totalling more than £1million, which he fully deserves after failing miserably at his job. The taxpayers in the UK funded the RBS to bail them out of the shit that dick heads like Pell put them in and now the public have a 70% stake in the bank. So, in effect, every taxpayer in the UK is now paying Pell £507,000 EVERY year for being a completely useless and complete failure.

All you UK taxpayers have pumped £20 billion into RBS. Are you now happy that you must fund the lifestyle of this idiot?

Under the stewardship of Goodwin and Whittaker, RBS made a £24.1billion loss during 2008 - the biggest in UK corporate history. They broke the record for incompetence, amazing that they get such rewards for it.

This is exactly the same as the AIG fiasco I wrote about before, AIG, Have You No Shame?


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