Sunday, 24 May 2009

Earn Money While Sharing Your Pics

I'm a bit peeved right now to say the least. I have been a big fan of Photobucket for a few years now and host absolutely 1000s of pictures on there.

Every image from my blog is stored there, even the galleries of pics, gifs, avatars, sigs etc etc for my Manchester United blog. Some of these have received in excess of 50,000 hits each since I added them.

Only now have I discovered this site below called ''. I was introduced to it by someone who told me it is exactly the same as Photobucket and I was a bit weary. But I have tried it out and they are right. The big difference is they actually pay you to share your pictures on there. It might only be 22c per 1000 views but it soon adds up. I would have been paid $10-$12 for each of my most viewed pics if I had known. Not knowing about Shareapic has in fact cost me close to $500 Grrrrr.

Anyway, if you click the advert here and sign up with them, I get you added to my account as a referral. They have 2 layers of referral payments too which is great.

If you do sign up, then please email me at and let me know and we can work together on some projects and see if we can get a few dollars in the bank.

I am adding loads of galleries for my blog over the next few days. I can still provide the same service to my blog readers but I can earn a little money at the same time. Nothing that will change my life but it all helps.

You can too if you sign up.

I will tell you that on odd occassions a pop up might appear on the site, but they are infrequent and not really annoying.

Anyway, sign up, let me know, then pile your pictures in there.

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  1. dude - you put your email addy on the web - you'll be getting spammed into eternity

    problem with shareapic is from a user experience POV they have to click through off your site in order for the thing to register - which most people aren't likely to do. you'd probably be better off just doing google ads on this blog.