Sunday, 24 May 2009

Islam Made Me Do It!

It seems the police in America pulled a nice result out of the hat when the FBI, NYPD Arrested 4 in Alleged Plot to Bomb NY Synagogues.

A Christian prison chaplain, recently said about Islam and prisoners:
It is not a contradiction to be a Muslim and a murderer, even a mass murderer. That is one reason why criminals “convert” to Islam in prison. They don’t convert at all; they similarly remain the angry judgmental vicious beings they always have been. They simply add “religious” diatribes to their personal invective. Islam does not inspire a crisis of conscience, just inspirations to outrage.
The cult of Islam could be construed as one of victimization - one submits to God, all things are as God wills, and no one is responsible for their own actions.

If you are not caught, you committed no crime.

Dr. Sanity, (I do love that name, did a great piece on guilt society vs. perception society.) The underlying lessons of Islam are that you are not responsible - either god has a plan (where this fits) or the devil misled you (where you are not responsible for listening to him).

One thing that already is making me angry is the way certain press outlets are talking about “entrapment” in the case of the wannabe bombers that have just been caught in the link above.

If they had been arrested with the fake C4 explosives as they purchased them (unknowing that the FBI had planted the fakes there ready for them), then I might have some sympathy.

These wannabe murderers were arrested after ASSEMBLING BOMBS with fake C4 they’d bought and placing them at a site to conduct a terror attack.

This is not entrapment - the FBI did not walk them to the synagogue and point out places for the bombs and watch over them while they did the wiring or hold their hand in assembly.

These TERRORISTS and would be MURDERERS would have acted with real explosives had they not been sold the fake explosives by operatives. Saying this is entrapment is so far beyond reality that I can barely work out the mental gymnastics required.

These people need to be placed in the elctric chair for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, treason and whatever other petty crimes the authorities can throw at them, and that's a fact.

The press need to report exactly what happened: “Would Be Islamic Jihadists Attempt to Blow Up Synagogue in New York”. What do we hear? “Bomb Plot in New York.”

And the press wonders why people don’t trust them, don’t like them, and don’t buy their products?

Oh and before I am labelled a racist or whatever, let me say that I don’t care what your faith is; I care what your actions say about that faith!

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  1. So what does it say about the Christian groups that bomb abortion clinics or kill abortion doctors and see bystanders as "collateral damage"

    It's not about Islam, it's about bad people using reasons to commit murder. The line is always and should always be drawn at where your religious and other freedoms and actions infringe on the rights of others, i.e. the right to life.