Thursday, 14 May 2009

Holland & Barrett & Gazza

paul gascoigne health food shop adverts holland and barrettPaul Gascoigne is the superstar new signing – for health food store Holland & Barrett.

Shop executives spotted the England legend, 41, sporting ripped abdominal muscles on last month’s Match of the Day.

And they are keen to help him stay fit and off the drugs and booze.

So Gazza, who works out up to six hours a day at Newcastle United’s gym, is now being sponsored with nutrition products, including his favourite strawberry protein powder.

He also chomps up to 50 chocolate and vanilla diet bars a week.

The British do seem to love this guy, that's for sure. I have read about him but I'm no expert on the exploits of his England career. Because he seems to be such an icon, I hope he does manage to stay 'clean' and build some kind of life for himself again. I think a health food chain such as Holland & Barrett taking a gamble by using him in their advertising still shows people have faith in him, let's hope he doesn't let them down.

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