Thursday, 14 May 2009

Name And Shame The Thieving Ministers: James Clappison MP

james clappison mp expenses swindleI've mentioned Greg Barker, David Cameron's aide, who has been a naughty boy and has fiddled his expenses claims. Now we have a new member for the 'Fiddlers Club'.

A millionaire Tory MP who owns 24 homes claimed more than £100,000 in expenses even though he does not have a mortgage.

Taxpayers' cash was mainly used for gardening and redecoration.

James Clappison, a work and pensions spokesman, bought petunias, geraniums and busy lizzies with public funds for his £375,000 semi in St Albans.

The MP for Hertsmere rents out 22 properties in North Humberside where he also owns a farm, a cricket pitch and 75 acres of land inherited from his father.

Since 2001, Mr Clappison has claimed a total of £102,241 in second homes allowances, including claims for maintenance, groceries, utility bills, a cleaner and a TV licence.

He has claimed £3,166 for upkeep of his garden since 2004. Mr Clappison told the Daily Telegraph that all his claims were in order except for £38.50 for bedding plants which was immediately repaid.

'This was an honest mistake on my part,' he said.

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