Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rhianna's Naked Pictures

rihannas naked pictures Nude photos of Rihanna, or what is supposedly Rihanna, are floating around the web.

RIHANNA'S NAKED PICS show various body parts, including two close ups of what is clearly Rihanna's face and a third photo of Rihanna head-to-knee reflected in a bathroom mirror with a message of "I love you" scrawled on it.

All seven shots seem to be self taken in the same white bathroom and bedroom area.

The four shots that do not include Rihanna's head in them include two of a bare bottom as seen reflected in a mirror, one of a dark lacquer-nailed hand squeezing a bottom and a photo of an undressed torso from a reflection in a mirror. One breast is pierced and pink Nike towel is flung over a shoulder hiding the other.

Rihanna has been in New York all week, starting with Monday's Vogue-sponsored Met gala, in her first public appearances since the Grammy-eve fracas with then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Late Friday her record label reportedly got involved and sent out a letter to a website that published the pics demanding that they be removed, calling the photos a violation of "the Artist's rights."

Why oh why do celebrities do things like this. I have sent pics to my boyfriend but if he posted them on the web it wouldn't be any big deal. But when you are as famous as Rhianna, you know it is going to end in tears if this kind of thing happens.


  1. hey where are the pictures ??

  2. If you click the highlighted text that says "RHIANNA'S NAKED PICTURES" you will see them. Tut, tut, tut. You didn't bother to read anything did you and just scanned down for a look at the pics.

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