Saturday, 9 May 2009

Zara Tells The Press To 'Naff 'Orf'

zara phillips badminton horse trials ardfield magic starHer notoriously short-fused mother famously told a group of press photographers to 'naff orf'. So it wasn't surprising to see Zara Phillips follow in Princess Anne's footsteps at yesterday's Badminton Horse Trials.

As usual, Zara's language was slightly fruitier, however, as she raged at the press pack following her: 'This is a competition, not a fucking social event!'

Her outburst came the day after a member of the paparazzi allegedly caused her horse, Ardfield Magic Star, to rear as she entered the dressage arena. Apparently Zara, 27, felt the camera shutter had been let off 'right in his ear'.

The incident certainly seemed to affect the horse who subsequently came 72nd out of 81 competitors so when Zara saw the official media snapping away as she walked the course yesterday, she couldn't resist going over and giving an ear-bashing.

You just gotta love this girl. She might be a Princess and 8th in line to the throne or whatever she is, but she doesn't allow that to get in the way. If she feels she has been hard done by, then she lets people know and I love her for that.

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