Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Micheal Jackson 'Emaciated, Bald With Only Pills In His Stomach'

micheal jackson emaciated bald pills in stomach

Michael Jackson was emaciated, virtually bald, covered in needle scars and had only pills in his stomach when he died, according to an autopsy report.

Whether or not we will ever hear the REAL truth about this incident remains pretty slim to be honest. As with a few superstars who have suffered 'Death By Showbusiness' ,as Jacko did, the families and friends tend to cover up any wrong doings and faults that may be uncovered. I don't blame them either. At the end of the day, Micheal Jackson was just the much loved son of two parents and nothing more than that.

The Sun newspaper apparently have had access to the leaked autopsy report on Jackson, who collapsed with a heart attack at the age of 50 on Thursday. He was 5ft 10in tall but weighed only 8st 10z, according to The Sun.

His stomach contained the remains of partially dissolved tablets taken by the singer before an alleged final injection of painkillers, according to a coroner's report seen by the newspaper.

It disclosed that the star's distinctive shoulder length locks were a wig as he had lost virtually all of his hair.

Meanwhile his body was covered in a mass of surgery scars from at least 13 cosmetic operations, the newspaper claimed.

Following disclosures about the singer's addiction to a cocktail of painkillers, the post mortem report was said to confirm that his legs and shoulders bore numerous needle marks.

The Sun also detailed evidence of the final efforts to save the singer's life after his collapse including broken ribs, believed to have been caused by frantic resuscitation, and the wounds from injections to restart his heart.

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