Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Those Chinese Fakers Are At It Again

The Chinese are famous for taking a well known brand name, copying it, and selling it on for a fraction of the price.

But now they have taken it to another level.

Here we have a few examples of cars they have 'ripped off'.

Rolls-Royce is consulting lawyers after the Chinese launched the Geely GE, a copycat car, including a winged mascot and huge radiator grill, for just £30,000...

A model poses next to the Lifan Motors 320......or perhaps she's auditioning for a remake of The Italian Job (The Chinese Job, perhaps?) as it looks just like the Mini, seen below.

Finally, it seems that even logos are not safe from reinvention in China. Here's the world-famous Bentley badge......and below it is ludicrously similar, ludicrously named Riich

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