Saturday, 8 August 2009

Giant 800 Pounds Razorback Hog

Dead razorback 800lbs 8ft long

How would you like to run across this in the woods????? The hog was reportedly killed in Arkansas very recently close to where they hunt... The man in the picture killed him, took 3 shots from a 7 mag. The afternoon before, he saw this hog eating on the side of the road. He pulled over, and when he slammed the door on his truck, the hog spooked, and charged him. He rammed the side of his truck and put a huge dent in it and popped 2 holes in the metal where his tusks hit. He went back in camo the next morning and sat by a fence. The hog came out and he shot once and the hog turned and looked at him. Shot him again and he went to his knees and got back up. Shot him the third time and put him down. The rest of the story is the picture. He weighed over 800 lbs.

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