Saturday, 8 August 2009

Now This Is A Bad Ass Fish

What's for dinner???

The next time you're wading in your third world eco paradise stream or lake, just remember, your place in the food chain may get re-shuffled. I bet things like this reduces the urge to go skinny dipping.

That's one scary-looking fish all right. The toothy critter in the pictures is probably a goliath tiger fish (aka African tigerfish or giant tigerfish), or Hydrocynus goliath if you're an ichthyologist. The species is native to the Congo River Basin and Lake Tanganyika in central Africa, where it is prized as a game fish.

You may indeed want to think twice before skinny-dipping in the native waters of this fish, because, according to Bill Hansford-Steele, author of the African Fly-Fishing Handbook (New Holland Publishers, 2004), the goliath tiger "has the somewhat singular distinction of being the only African freshwater fish (excluding the Zambezi shark, which is really a saltwater fish) known to attack humans, and there are several recorded incidents from the Congo River."

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