Sunday, 2 August 2009

Mensa Headquarters

This building in Ukraine does in fact have a gigantic, 100-foot-tall, crossword puzzle on the side. Yes, you can actually work it, though we assume if you try to do it with some rope and a can of spray paint, some guys will shoot you.

The clues are hidden around the city, and each night the answers are projected onto the side with lights.

The town did this to give people another reason to visit the Ukraine, bringing the total number of reasons up to... no, it's still at zero.

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1 comment:

  1. Ukraine is a beautiful city. The food is amazing. Many of the old USSR relics remain. The architecture is amazing. There are many, many amazing festivities, especially in the first half of May: May day, Kiev Day, and every weekend in Kiev is a festival. The main street, Kreschatik, closes down. Tens of thousands of people walk, meet their friends, drink beer, buy tasty food, watch street musicians, street theater and performers, and yes, even mimes!
    Ukraine is also exploding as an emerging global economy. It is a destination for business as well.