Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Ever Growing List Of Thieving MPs

This list of thieving MPs gets longer and longer by the day!

On Saturday I published a list of MPs up to no good... Saturdays list of shamed MPs

Before that we had the story of Shahid Malik and his bizarre accounting procedures
He has since resigned which does seem the dignified way to do things. Now all that is left to do is prosecute the thieving bastard and put him in jail.

There was also the millionaire MP James Clappison who couldn't resist his greed and stole from the taxpayers, read about him James Clappison

David Cameron, the opposition leader is up in arms about all this. So imagine his embarassment when one of his closest allies, Greg Barker, was caught out fiddling and stealing too. Read about him Greg Barker HERE

Jacqui Smith, The Home Secretary of all people, also has a rather shady past when it comes to stealing, ooops I mean putting in claims for expenses. She has had a few quid through the back door. Read about Jacqui Smith HERE

Now, down below, we have another host of thirves and con men, waiting to see the outcome of their investigations. No doubt they will apologise and blame someone else, as is the want of most MPs.

Fraser Kemp, who voted to keep MPs' expenses secret, made repeat purchases of household items over the space of several weeks.

Mike Hall claimed thousands of pounds in expenses for the cost of cleaners, cleaning products and laundry bills for his London home

Liz Blackman went on last-minute shopping sprees before the end of each financial year, in an apparent attempt to make sure she claimed as close to maximum expenses as possible

Joan Ryan spent thousands of pounds on repairs and decorations at her constituency home before switching her designated second home to a London property

David Clelland, who tried to block disclosure of MPs’ second-home spending, claimed for the cost of “buying out” his partner’s £45,000 stake in his London flat

David Maclean spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money renovating a farmhouse before selling it for £750,000

Maria Eagle claimed thousands of pounds on refurbishing a bathroom at one of her flats just months before switching her designated second home to a property with a higher mortgage

David Ruffley claimed for new furniture and fittings after “flipping” his second home from London to a new flat in his constituency

Greg Knight, an MP with a collection of classic cars, claimed £2,600 in expenses for repair work on the driveway at his designated second home

Julian Lewis attempted to claim £6,000 in expenses for a wooden floor at his second home

Oh, and for the record, if any of you thieves read this and feel a need to sue me for whatever, then tell me the date we are in court and I'll see you there. The investigation to see if you are honest or not will be most revealing. I rather doubt you would like that to happen !!

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