Monday, 4 May 2009

He Murdered One Two Year Old, Raped Another, Now He Claims An Unfair Trial

This is a picture of 'Baby P' who I'm sure the majority you will remember was that poor little baby boy who was discovered at his mothers house with eight broken ribs, a broken spine, 84 bruises and one of his teeth had been knocked out with such force it was found in his stomach. The little boys battered, bruised and broken body was found in his cot. We have had a fair trial and the man responsible for this most disgusting of crimes is now behind bars along with 'Baby P's' mother and may they rot in hell.

It has now come to light that this 'man' who has been convicted of the murder of 'Baby P' is guilty of raping a two year old little girl. It makes me feel disgusted even typing his crime, it's just beyond comprehension what kind of a filthy, disgusting pig could ever do that.

He was found guilty of doing this to the little girl. The poor girl became the youngest person ever to give evidence via a video link and she can be seen in this picture here, an artists impression of her giving her evidence.

The little girl's shocking testimony was at the centre of the trial, and she was forced to endure cross- examination so severe that she called the room where she gave her evidence the 'evil room'.

Any application to the Appeal Court would rely on the same arguments that the legal teams had used to try to derail the rape trial. They will argue at greater length that the trial should not have gone ahead, and that the conviction is unsafe.

In the event that they were successful, the Appeal Court could uphold the rape conviction, quash it, or order a retrial.

That would mean this little girl would again have to attend court and go through her ordeal AGAIN as this scum bag, low life tries to wriggle out of what he has done. I am all for fair trials and I am definitely against the death sentence, as convictions have been wrong on a few occassions.

However, this man has had a trial already. He's been found guilty and add to this the fact he is already serving time for the grotesque and disgusting murder of 'Baby P', so who really cares if he has a fair trial for this rape incident.

To ask this little girl to go through her ordeal in court for a second time, just on the offchance the lawyers got it wrong first time is just NOT good enough. This 'man is guilty of murdering one two year old boy, he is guilty of raping a two year old girl. Throw him in a small cell, throw away the key and save the taxpayers God knows how much money with all this talk of retrial and other such inane and ridiculous ideas !

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