Monday, 4 May 2009


jordan katie price supermodel babe sexyWhen I first arrived in the UK, there was this blonde bimbo appearing everywhere. She had huge tits and spoke like a commoner. She is Jordan. To look at her and hear her speak you would dismiss her as some 'airhead' who was blessed with some curves and who got a break and made some money from it.

Forget it.

Katie Price a.k.a Jordan is no idiot, she is in fact quite a genious in the business world and she works harder than most guys I know.

I made my first judgements on her in the way 90% of the population do. Blonde hair, big tits and Essex accent, so she must be a bimbo.

She certainly put Dwight Yorke in his place when they squared up over their son Harvey, who is severely handicapped. Yorke, the superstar footballer thought he could turn up as and when he felt like it. How wrong could he be. She fought long and hard against him, and he now sees the child regularly and when he has arranged to do so. Quite right too. No one has the right to mess with a child's happiness. Fight among yourselves but don't involve the children. Jordan made sure her baby got regular contact with his father and I commend her for doing that.

There are many other things she has done that are quite amazing actually. I wont go into detail, suffice to say, Jordan is quite an incredible woman when you take the time to know her. She is quite incredible to look at too. So yes, she got lucky with her looks, but she has worked hard for everything she has and I don't begrudge her one penny of it.

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