Wednesday, 13 May 2009

It's Perfectly Legal To Smoke In A Bar, If You Know How

smaoking ban legal loopholeThe smoking ban in all public buildings that is now in force in the UK has been enforced as I'm sure you are all aware. Smokers were up in arms about it, especially those who like to have a cigarette with their beer.

Indeed, a lot of bars have said that the ban has hit their sales hard as people opted to drink at home, where they are free to smoke as well.

However, under Section 9 of The 2007 Smoking Act (Exemptions) smoking “research” can be carried out in a separate room as long as there is no through bar. That is to say, the main bar must remain free from smoking, but another bar can be designated as a 'smoking research centre' as long as it does not use the same bar as the main room. It MUST have it's own seperate serving area.

All that remains to be done then is to fill out a small questionnaire asking how many cigarettes they smoke and if they like a smoky atmosphere. Then they can sit back and enjoy a fag with their pint.

Most laws that cause uproar can be worked around if a bit of research is done.

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