Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Parky Is Right About Jade Goody

micheal parkinsonI can't believe for the life of me why people are giving Micheal Parkinson a hard time for voicing his opinions on the 'talents' of Jade Goody. Was she held in such exaltation by the British public that no one can say a bad word about her? Bollocks I say.

Michael Parkinson has actually launched a shocking new attack over Jade Goody by claiming many of those mourning her death were fakers “pretending to be sad”.

Parky's quote about Jade Goody: “all that’s paltry and wretched about Britain today” and also “barely educated and puerile” is spot on. Jade Goody was in the Big Brother house and asked "Where do Portuginese people come from?" and "Where is East Angular" (I assume she meant East Anglia). These are just two out of a mountain of quotes of a similar nature from this girl.

Many so-called mourners are the very same people who used to call her “a pig”, “a racist” and “thick as a brick”. I have no comments on how she looked, I prefer not to discuss things like that, we all look like we do and our looks are just a temporary 'display' until we get old. But she showed herself to be a racist, there's no question about that.

Jade was taken to heart by the British public, the reason for this is beyond me, but it happened. From that moment on, she lived a 'scripted' life. Her publicist Max Clifford told her what to say and when to say it, purely to extract as much cash from her fame as possible.

The only time she was able to act on her own behalf was when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. During this show she infamously led a trio of girls as they hurled racist abuse at a beautiful and very talented actress from India, Shilpa Shetty. So there you have it. She showed her true colours when given the opportunity to do so.

Jade Goody was a girl who came from a terrible background, that’s not her fault and it’s representative of a lot of kids from the social underclass, and she was mercilessly exploited, blinded by promises of stardom, not knowing what she’s doing. It was a case of bright, smart people utilising the ambitions and dreams of these underprivileged people for their own sordid enjoyment.

One part of Jade's life that could not be scripted was her death. We all watched on as the papers and 'money men' exploited her to the very end.

Jade's 27 years on this earth were quite active and to be frank, she had quite a bizarre life. But she did nothing special, she had no talents of any description and her achievements were zero. So why do people criticise Micheal Parkinson for speaking the truth ?

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