Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Osbourne's Are Eating Each Other

kelly osbourneApparently we'll all be seeing a lot more of Jack and Kelly Osbourne, because they've eaten the rest of the Osbournes and are back to the weights they were when they first filled our wide-screens. In fact, the two of them could probably single handedly fill a cinema screen.

I have problems working out exactly what these two characters give the world that is useful. They do love to appear on TV doing all these bizarre reality shite, which is probably just as well as neither of them is presenter material, neither can sing, dance, act or much else really.

I used to watch Jack Osbourne throwing himself off cliffs with a parachute in the vain hope the chute wouldn't open, but alas it did, EVERY fucking time.

But it's not their fault, it's their glands - presumably their cake glands.

Here's to fat talentless people, especially the Osbournes, may they long continue making lots of cash for being................well, useless I guess.

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