Sunday, 3 May 2009

MPs, Thieves, One In The Same

home secretary jacqui smith expenses claims
It would appear a number of MP's are on suicde watch due to stress caused by the imminent disclosure of their expenses. What a shame, the poor things.

I do hope, when all is said and done, and they all get what is coming to them, they don't then decide to actually commit suicide. My biggest fear is that they will put in a claim for expenses to cover the cost of the rope, razor blade or medication they choose to do it with.

Should they all be exposed in public and then sacked? You're damn right they should. Shame on those stealing money from the public like this !!!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed £22,948 in 2007/08 in taxpayer-funded allowances for her second home, official figures showed today.

Ms Smith, whose claims are already under investigation by a sleaze watchdog, was battling fresh embarrassment today after it emerged that public money paid for two adult films watched by her husband.

Figures released by the House of Commons showed she was paid the sum in additional costs allowance (ACA), which is designed to cover the cost of working in both London and a constituency.

Ms Smith is being investigated because of complaints about her decision to designate her sister's house in south London, where she stays, as her “main” home, allowing her to claim back the costs of running her family house in her Redditch constituency.

Her overall expenses claim, including travel, office and staffing costs, was £157,631.

That sum included 25 journeys for her husband, Richard Timney, who is employed as her Parliamentary assistant, at a cost to the public purse of £2,531.

The figures released by the House of Commons authorities showed that Prime Minister Gordon Brown claimed £124,454 in expenses and allowances in 2007/08, while Conservative leader David Cameron claimed £148,829.

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