Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ricky Hatton

ricky hatton manny pacquiaoThere are only three Manchester City fans I'm keen on. Two of them are the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel. I do love their music. The third is Ricky Hatton.

The majority of multi millionaire sports personalities aren't worth giving the time of day to. But Ricky Hatton doesn't fall into that category. I watched an interview with him once, made by the BBC I believe. The guy interviewing Ricky kept asking him about the fame and the fortune, the high rollers he mixed with and the business circles his boxing wealth had afforded him to be able to mix in. Hatton just kept reverting back to the things he feels most love for, his family.

He spoke tirelessly and endlessly about his childen who he sees regularly even though he seperated from his girl. I could hear the love for those children in his voice and in his words, it was a magical thing to witness and it brought a few tears to my eyes to see such unconditional love from a man to his kids.

Ricky Hatton has enough money in the bank now to survive the rest of his life without worrying.

The knockout he suffered last night was a tremendous dent to his pride. More importantly, it was a hammer like blow that left him motionless on the canvas. I watched in shock and with tears in my eyes thinking the worst. Luckily they revived him and he was chatting in the dressing room shortly afterwards having had a brain scan.

Ricky Hatton has nothing to prove to anyone. He is, and always will be, a great champion and a role model for any father or indeed any man.

Let's hope we never see him in the ring again risking his life. Go home Ricky and continue to be the great dad you are, us mere mortals have more than enough memories to survive, so we all thank you for that x

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