Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Arsenal Fans Better Brace Themselves

arsene wenger wallpaper
Arsene Wenger - prince or a pauper?

That's his choice.

Real Madrid are offering the Frenchman a mind-boggling budget, at Arsenal it is the same old story of careful and conservative spending.

Wenger has a Masters degree in economics from Strasbourg University. But you sense the time may have come where he fancies letting his hair down.

He turns 60 in October, has not won a trophy for four years, has had fans on his back more and more – and lost his closest ally, David Dein, when the ex-director of football was chucked off the Gunners board in October 2006.

Kaka, David Villa and Xavi Alonso – for a combined fee of £123m – are the players Perez is promising he will try to sign.

Stay at Arsenal and it will almost certainly be the same trawling around Europe, South America and Africa for hidden gems like Nicolas Anelka, Patrick Vieira and Kolo Toure.

The fans have given you enough shit Mr Wenger. I love this guy and he deserves more respect than he gets from Arsenal.

Get across to Spain and show us what you are really made of with a club that supports you rather than counting the pennies and relying to heavily on you working your genius.

It's about time Arsene got some real glory and not the tin pot shite he gets with Arsenal.

At Real Madrid I forecast a La Liga win within two years and a Champions League win in three !!

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