Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Britney And The Dancing Fan

That lunatic they call Britney Spears was visibly shocked when a fan ran on stage and wanted to dance with her. Quite right too, there a lot of mad people out there. The problem is, Britney is probably one of the maddest.

She has 2 kids, then divorces K-Fed and goes to court for custody of the children and managed to make a complete pig's arse of it. Women have 90% chances of gaining custody I would guess, and she even managed to nause it up with an advantage like that.

Then in another episode, she married some guy she had known since she was a kid. This was done on a whim in Vegas, then she awoke the next day in complete horror at what she'd done. They were divorced 2 days later. I hope the guy got his nuptuals bless him.

Then she got bored again and craved some more attention. So she started gulping down horse tranquilisers. I would have entered her for the Kentucky Derby too.

Next came a spate of climbing in and out of cars with no underwear on. Thus showing the world what she has between her legs. Such a tart.

Then there was a rather well rehearsed kiss with Madonna which shocked the world. I found it quite amusing myself that such a well planned episode would cause such a stir.

If you watch the video above, you can see the guy runs on stage, does a swift shuffle and is ushered off stage, rather timidly, and he leaves without any fuss or urgency from the security guys.

Yes folks, this was probably planned too, just so she could stop singing and prove she wasn't miming. Let's be honest, Britney does mime more than she sings.

The world is mad enough as it is. They should send Britney back to Hick-Town Alabama or wherever she is from, and save us from any more of this tedious lunatic.

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