Tuesday, 5 May 2009


arsene wengerTonight the game between Manchester United and Arsenal is a massive affair. For a start, the difference financially between success and failure is about £20 million. But to the fans it's all about getting one over on a fellow Top Four team.

I've been giving Arsenal fans hell on my Twitter account (feel free to follow me) but at the end of the day, that is just a bit of fun.

I think Sir Alex has the upper hand though, so far. He has this ability to get the best from his players at just the right time. The media report him as being this ranting bullying thug but that doesn't sit well with the commitment and never say die attitude his players show when they are in impossible situations in games. Two goals down at HT to Spurs, only to rally and win 5-2 is a recent example.

I'm one of Arsene Wenger's biggest fans too believe it or not. As can be seen by the post on my blog I made, Is Arsene Wenger One Of The Best Managers Ever?

He is a master at finding young players without spending too much cash, and then developing them into super stars. In fact, 6 years ago, his team was playing some of the best football the world has ever seen. How they didn't win the Champions League back then is beyond me.

Arsenal are going to have to score three goals tonight, it's as simple as that in my opinion. Can Manchester United score, they always score! Well, it's a very rare occassion when they don't.

Can Arsenal score three though? It's not impossible of course. Liverpool scored four at Old Trafford and Hull scored three at Old Trafford. But it is rare.

To give United a one goal head start and then beat them is a big task indeed, but it can be done.

I predict a 1-1 draw myself, but I have been known to be wrong, not that us women are wrong on many occassions I might add.

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