Monday, 11 May 2009

Man Jailed For NOT Breaking The Law

A TEACHER at a private school was behind bars yesterday after he admitted having an affair with a pupil.

Married man Peter Clayton who is 56, began meeting the sixth-form girl at break times at the posh school near Ipswich, Suffolk.

The head of music began “secret trysts” and the consensual relationship carried on after she left school.

The dad of two, of Great Bentley, Essex, also sent the girl sexy texts.

He was jailed for six months at Ipswich Crown Court after admitting four charges of sex with a child in his trust.

His lawyer said: “His life is in ruins.”

I'm a bit confused about all this though. The age of consent for sexual relations is 16 years and this girl was 17 years old when it happened. She consented to it, so why is he in jail?

Not so long ago, a woman was charged with the same 'offence' with a pupil of the same age, 17, but she is NOT in prison, I wonder why.

Maybe I have missed something here, but I was of the opinion you had to do something illegal to be jailed. Something like stealing cash from the taxpayers like a certain Prime Minister did - MR GORDON BROWN - This seems to be a case of one rule for one, and another rule for those in power and who have a shit load of cash !!

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