Monday, 11 May 2009

Those Spanish Racists Are At It Again

lewis hamilton racist abuse in spainBRIT F1 ace Lewis Hamilton was once again the victim of sick racist fans who blacked up their faces for the Spanish Grand Prix.

They taunted World Champion Lewis, 24, left, in Barcelona in a repeat of last year’s ugly scenes. To see racism like this on one occassion is enough Action should have been taken to stop it happening TWICE!

Despite warnings from the sport’s governing body, the FIA, some fans with blacked-up faces still managed to get inside the circuit. Perhaps the Spanish security guards or those who checked peoples tickets as they entered the track didn't notice people with white hands and blacked out faces, or perhaps they don't care.

Former driver David Coulthard, 38, stormed: “There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour” and former team owner Eddie Jordan, 61, added: “This is totally and absolutely unacceptable.”

Spain now risks losing future F1 events. In fact, it's about time someone acted against the Spanish. Let's not forget that on several occassions black footballers playing for England have gone to play against Spain or Spanish teams and had the crowd making noises like a monkey in racist jibes.

I know people from my own country who have gone to settle in Spain and who have been made to feel most unwelcome by racism and bullying from the Spanish.

For the second year running Lewis Hamilton has suffered this racism in Spain, so take the F1 race off the Spanish if they don't like the fact that a black driver is doing so well. That way they don't have to watch him do they.

I'd make the Spanish National team and ALL Spanish clubs play away from home in ANY sporting event. Especially football events. Their half wit football fans are infamous for their racist antics. If they too can't handle seeing black players, then let's relieve them of having to 'suffer' any more of this too.

That way they will be left with just their cheap tacky holiday venues, their pervy little waiters and copious quantities of their cheap attempts at making wine.

At the end of the day, Spanish sporting 'fans' seems to think they are a cut above everyone else it would seem and they need knocking down a peg or two.

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