Monday, 11 May 2009

Oi, Club Scout, Leave Those Kids Alone !

dylan nicholls the next wayne rooneyA BABY-FACED kid being is billed as the new Wayne Rooney... and he’s only seven.

Scouse starlet Dylan Nicholls has got Premier League scouts purring with excitement after banging in 120 goals in his first season.

The pint-size hotshot is currently training with Blackburn Rovers as well as Merseyside big guns Liverpool and Everton.

But title-chasing Anfield fans needn’t get too excited – because the cheeky kid dreams of playing alongside his hero Rooney at bitter rivals Manchester United.

I think this is bizarre these days, the way clubs are tracking kids of this age in the hope of winning their signatures. Even the FA's rule of not being allowed to sign a player until he is nine years old is a bit freaky in my opinion.

Let these kids grow up and enjoy their days as kids. Don't heap pressure on them as soon as they leave the womb. If clubs keep chasing these starlets and calling them names like the "next Wayne Rooney" they will be left with nothing.

At this age, kids will be put under immense pressure and will most probably 'burn out' by the time they are 15 or 16 and of any use to anyone.

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