Monday, 11 May 2009

They Have Given, Now You OWE Them

the sun help for heroes
the sun help for heroes
I think this Help For Heroes Campaign that
has been started by The Sun is a great idea.

We ALL owe it to the troops in Iraq and
Afghanistan to make sure we give them
the best life possible when they return home

Some have missing limbs and some will
never see again. So why are they like that?
Because they stood up and took up arms to
make sure you and I sleep safely at night.

They stood up against the evil of this world,
they didn't casually ignore it and hope
someone else will deal with the problem like
I did, or like you did!

Click the donate button below which
will take you to The Sun's donation page.

These guys have donated lives, legs,
eyes and a normal life for you, are you
telling me you can't spare them a poxy tenner £10.

To the saddle sore, the rich, the poor,
To those who baked a thousand cakes
Cut hair, made bears, raced carts, topped the charts,
You helped our blokes, and for that, we’re stoked.
You swam the oceans, you crossed the straights,
You waxed your chest hair, skied, ran, rowed, walked, ate.
£16million you raised to build pools, combat stress,
So Our Lads and Lasses stand tall, like the rest.
But this year we need you to do more
So we ask, what will you do?
Spare some change, climb a mountain, what ever suits you.
For now , though, thank you all.
Thanks to all those who gave,
Thank you all, you good people who helped the brave.

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